Double-tap an Insteon Switch to Turn the Lights Off Throughout the House

A convenient yet often unused feature of Insteon switches is the double-tap (on/off). Normally used for bypassing a slow fade-on or fade-off, the double-tap of a switch can transmit a unique command that can be used to trigger an event using software such as HouseLinc. This tip will cover how to program an “All Off” for your lights as you leave for work each day.

To program this feature in HouseLinc you will want to set up an Event that will send an All Insteon Off command whenever a particular switch is double-tapped. It is usually a good idea to select the switch closest to your exit door.


  • The first step in the software is to set up a scene that would turn all the lights off. Click on the ‘Scenes’ tab in the top left corner of the software and right-click in the left hand field to Add New Scene. Name the scene and check the boxes to include all of the lights you would like to shut off when you’re on your way out of the house. Once your devices have been included, you will want to click the ‘Save’ button towards the top of the right-hand section of the screen.
  • Next you will want to click on the ‘Events’ tab towards the top right hand section of the HouseLinc window and click the ‘Add Event’ button. To edit the event you would simply drag and drop from the left hand side of the screen to the right hand side of the screen. Drag your newly created scene into the ‘Action(s)’ section of the Event. Next you will want to click Edit in the same section and change the description to Turn Off.
  • The final step is setting your trigger. In the top left hand corner of the screen, click the Devices tab and drag your desired switch into the ‘Trigger(s)’ section of the event. Here you will also want to edit the description to read ‘Off Double-Tapped’. When you have your trigger in place, you will want to click OK and HouseLinc will save the event.

Now whenever you are leaving the house, double-tapping off at the switch will shut off all the lights (A single tap on or off will still operate the switch normally).


Before installing Insteon wall switches and keypads be sure to check that you have neutral wires available behind your existing switches. These are commonly a group of white wires that are capped off in the back of the junction box.