Distributing Music from a Smartphone or Tablet

There are many ways to stream and distribute music from a Smartphone or Tablet. From using a simple cable connection with a receiver to installing an advanced audio distribution system, music can span the entirety of a home for all to enjoy. Utilizing a home's Audio/Video Receiver (AVR), music can easily be distributed from one room to multiple rooms and on to an outside patio, yard, or pool area. The solutions provided below offer various methods for you to enjoy musical entertainment throughout a home.

Listening to Music through a Home Theater

The simplest way of distributing music to an AVR is to use a cable. The 3.5mm Plug to RCA Stereo Y-adapter connects to one of the auxiliary inputs on an AVR via the RCA connectors while the 3.5mm end of the cable plugs directly into the headphone output jack found on most Smartphones or Tablets. After all connections have been made, select the correct auxiliary input on the AVR, choose some music on the Smartphone or Tablet, and enjoy!

The Steren CL-265-436 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Y Adapter Cable

The Steren CL-265-436 3.5mm to RCA Stereo Y Adapter Cable

Another method of distributing music from a Smartphone or Tablet is to utilize Bluetooth. Most new Smartphones and Tablets have built-in Bluetooth functionality. By connecting a Bluetooth Stereo Receiver to an AVR, a Smartphone or Tablet can wirelessly stream music to that AVR. This method provides wireless freedom of up to approximately 30-35 feet (between the AVR and a Smartphone or Tablet) allowing comfortable music control from a distance.

Wiring Diagram of the Calrad 40-BT2 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Receiver