Control All the Lights in the House From One Switch or Remote

Because most people unknowingly leave lights on as they leave the house, we recommend installing the controller next to your front door. And since most homes have a switch located there anyway and our keypad can replace an existing light switch, it works out easiest.

Parts List

  • 1x - KeypadLinc (available with a built-in dimmer or switch which makes for a hassle-free swapping out your existing wall switch)
  • 1x - (or more) Dimmer or switch for each light you want to control
  • 1x - (or more) Lamp module for each lamp you want to control


Replace the switches you want to control with dimmers or relay switches.

Plug each lamp into a lamp module.

Replace the front door switch with the KeypadLinc.The keypad features a built-in load controller so you don't lose control over the light switch.

Choose a button on the KeypadLinc that you want to use as your whole house light controller.

Press and hold the selected button on the KeypadLinc for 10 seconds and release, the button should start blinking, then tap the set button again (this puts the button into multi-link mode and it will stay in this mode for approximately 4 minutes).

Go to the first switch and hold the set button for approximately three seconds, repeating this for each switch in the house.

Next go to the first lamp module and tap the set button, repeat this for each additional lamp module.

When you're finished linking all your switches and lamp modules, return to the KeypadLinc and press the blinking button (this exits the KeypadLinc from programming mode).

Now each time you press the button all lights controlled by Insteon dimmers and plug-in modules will be controlled by that single button.


You can also program the KeypadLinc button to only send off commands when pressed. To do this press and hold the button on the KeypadLinc for 10 seconds. Release and the button should be blinking. Press and hold the button again for 5 seconds. When you release, the button's LED should flutter and return to blinking. Press and hold again for 5 seconds and it will exit out of programming mode. Now whenever you press the button it will only send off command to all devices linked to the button.

For rooms that have 2 or more lamps, save money by plugging the lamps into a power strip or splitter then plugging the splitter into the lamp module. Just be sure the combined wattage of all lamps is under the maximum rating of the lamp module.


Before installing Insteon wall switches and keypads be sure to check that you have neutral wires available behind your existing switches. These are commonly a group of white wires that are capped off in the back of the junction box.