Home Surveillance And Recording that is Right for You

There are many options when it comes to adding surveillance around your home. Smarthome offers a variety of solutions, from wireless IP Cameras that can be remotely accessed and controlled from your smartphone or tablet, to covert cameras that capture video and images from a hidden location, to complete DVR kits that can handle and record video from several different camera locations.

A great introduction to network cameras can be made with the Insteon Wireless Security IP Camera, 2 included with this kit. Combined with an Insteon Hub, also required and included with this kit, you can remotely access and control multiple cameras from multiple locations throughout your home. Super-easy DIY installation via the Insteon app for iOS and Android; and with wide ranging remote pan/tilt functionality, you can access the video feed from your cameras from a smartphone tablet or from any standard browser anywhere in the world over the Internet.

What make this kit awesome is that not only will you get a live feed from each camera, you can expand your Insteon system to control the lights, adjust temperature and more all from your smartphone. The Insteon Hub makes it possible to view a live camera feed of your home, adjust the lights, set temperature and set motion and leak sensor alerts - making your very own monitoring system - all with no monthly fees. The Insteon for Hub app provides setup video instructions and automatically configures your router for remote access and control.

Parts List

  • Insteon 75790WH Wireless Security IP Camera with Pan, Tilt and Night Vision
  • Insteon 2242-222 Hub
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Hidden Cameras Monitor Multiple Locations

If you want the next evolution of covert camera recording, we have the perfect solution - the Zone Shield system. The Zone Shield Faux-Plant will blend seamlessly into the decor of any room without tipping occupants off to the fact that it has a built-in hidden camera. It will transmit wirelessly to an (included) QUAD receiver that can be connected to a computer via USB, or TV via RCA cable for viewing and recording; optionally recording can be done locally to an SD Card. The QUAD receiver handles up to four cameras, and we have included an additional camera in this kit, the Zone Shield Rectangle Mantel Clock, a fully functioning, free-standing analog clock will blend into any room for discreet surveillance.

What makes this system really great is that users can remotely view video from a smartphone or tablet by downloading an app for mobile devices in either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It also comes with remote viewing software that will allow for video to be watched remotely from a weblink through Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Parts List

  • Zone Shield C1581 Faux-Plant with SleuthGear Covert Camera and QUAD Receiver
  • Zone Shield C1577 Additional Rectangle Mantel Clock with SleuthGear Covert Camerar
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Traditional Camera and DVR System

If you are looking for a surveillance system that is a little more traditional, this kit from DEFENDER is the perfect choice. It is a professional quality security monitoring system for a home or office that can be installed by any do-it-yourselfer. It includes 4 high resolution bullet cameras each with 48 IR LEDS for capturing images in the dark up to 150 feet away. The DVR has a whopping 2TB of built in storage to capture all the video and images you need. All the necessary cables and wire are also included to setup and maintain your system - you shouldn't have to purchase anything else.

Using the DEFENDER's remote viewing software you can network the DVR to the internet so that you'll be able to view live camera feeds, watch recorded footage and receive motion activated email alerts from a smart device or computer. The DVR can be connected directly to a monitor or TV for viewing with the ability to custom name channels, view picture-in-picture, full screen, quad screen, zoom or set sequence switching.

If you need more than 4 cameras, or think you might in the fututre, the DVR features 8-Channels, so you can up to 4 more cameras to this system.

Parts List

  • 1x - DEFENDER 21159 Sentinel Pro 8CH 2TB DVR with 4 IR LED Cameras, 800TVL
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