Leviton Integrated Networks

The Leviton Integrated Networks is where the present meets the future in residential wiring. It integrates home office, home networking, home theater, whole-house audio and video, Internet, and phone service. Turning the house of today into the home of tomorrow. All the parts are sold individually allowing you to buy only the functions you need. As your needs change, come back and add additional components. When high-speed Internet service comes to your home, add a 10BaseT-networking hub that snaps right into the panel.

Distribute Digital Media From Your Computer Through Your Structured Media Enclosure

View or listen to virtually anything that can be stored in a PC on any entertainment system in your home by connecting the LEAP Digital Distribution Center to your Leviton Structured Media Enclosure

Video Player Expands Digital Entertainment Distribution Over Cat. 5/5e Cabling

LEAP Digital Video Player w/Remote

This unit acts as a bridge between the LEAP Digital Distribution Center and standard consumer electronics such as stereo systems, entertainment centers, and televisions, expanding the system to provide for digital entertainment listening and viewing in another room of your home.

Lock and Keys Provide Security for Leviton Structured Media Enclosures

This lock installs easily into any Leviton Structured Media Enclosure to provide added security and comes with two keys.

Distribute Media, Data and Audio Throughout Your Home

14-Inch Leviton Enclosure with Cover

Store and protect a broad range of home networking modules and panels in this sturdy, 14-inch steel enclosure with flush-mounted cover.

Leviton 10/100Mbps 4-Port Internet Gateway

Wish you could split a broadband Internet connection (i.e. cable modem, DSL, etc.) with multiple PCs? You can with the Leviton 10/100Mbps 4-Port Internet Gateway.

Leviton Structured Media Enclosures

LEAP Digital Video Player w/Remote

Protect your home networking investment with these sturdy, steel enclosures!

Leviton Home Networking Kits

Advanced Home Telephone and Video Panel

Experience the excitement of a home network and increase the value of your home!

Video Distribution for Leviton Structured Media System

Video Distribution for Leviton Structured Media System

Enjoy satellite channels and DVDs on every TV. It's like putting a home theater system in every room!

Leviton Structured Media Panels

18-Port Structured Media Panel

Transform an ordinary house into a fully-integrated home that supports whole-house Ethernet, telephone and security systems!

Wiring Your Home for Voice, Data and Broadband RF Networks DVD

Wiring Your Home for Voice, Data and Broadband RF Networks

This Do-It-Yourself DVD uses Leviton Wiring Panels and products in their demonstrations to show you how to wire your own home for voice, data, and broadband RF (cable) networks.

1x6 Passive Audio Module

1x6 Passive Audio Module

Use your Leviton Structured Media System to experience music from every room of your home!

Leviton 10/100Mbps 5-Port Ethernet Switch

Leviton 10/100Mbps 5-Port Ethernet Switch 47611-5PT

Easily share data and peripheral devices from several PCs in your home with this 100/10BaseT Network Hub!

Leviton Structured Media Power Accessories

AC Power Block

Supply power to your structured media panels and ensure that everything remains neat and organized!

Amazing-Sounding Audio Without Sacrificing Style!

Adjust the volume of any sound source without having to install those large, unattractive volume control knobs!

Distribution Panel w. Bridged Wiring Block

Distribution Panel w. Bridged Wiring Block

Optimal flexibility for terminating and routing voice and data using twisted pair, and video signals using coaxial cable. Each patching module can deliver 8 unique signals to the various modular jacks on the premises.