Smarthome Product Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"My Insteon system keeps growing as I find new ways to use is elegant, flexible and easy to learn if you just take a little time and get into it. If you do, you will be amazed at what Insteon can do!" - - - Wayne

5 Stars, superb... My project, was a residential bedroom conversion to an office/library with 96"" tall book cases, with display lights. The bookcases, were structurally secured to the wall, and had display lights at the very top. However, the cases were so wide, they covered the electrical outlets. It was very inconvenient and dangerous to reach to the top of the bookcases in order to turn the lights ON and OFF. I'd highly recommend Insteon, for quality, performance, reliability and ease of use. - - - Bruce, WingNotes International
Aerospace, Aeronautical, Defense Engineering Consultancy

For years my wife has been complaining about the reliability of my old X10 outlets. I am astounded with the reliability of the Insteon outlets, they ""just work"", always. The product description and reviews made no mention of the added benefit of how quiet they are; no more startling CLICKs coming from my outlets. This has made we want to look at some other products in the Insteon line. - - - Ross, HILLSBORO, OR

This is a fantastic product... very quiet, reasonably priced, and reliable. After switching most of my lights over to compact fluorescent, this is the first on/off switch I've found that's reasonably priced. - - - Matthew, Worcester, MA

This is a wonderful product that was easy to install and works great. I used it to add a wirelss switch to an unswitched circuit that originally had been used in the kitchen for a combo ceiling fan and light fixture that had been changed to a light fixture only. - - - Alan, Houston, TX

We're installing these by the hundred! great versatility and less expensive than a standard dimmer, especially for magnetic low voltage! - - - Dave, Napa, CA

I absolutely love it. Easily installed, super simple to program, excellent price for everything it does, I couldn't be happier. - - - Walter, La Crescenta, CA

Incredible functionality in a very small package. Easy to use, install, and program. - - - DR, Reston, VA

A more economical solution than alternatives. - - - Doug, Chicago, IL

Insteon works much better than my X10 counterparts... but since this also can use X10, I have the best of both worlds. Price is great too! - - - Rick, Westminster, CO

Works great. Very responsive and reliable. Much better than X10. - - - John, Sanford, FL

I have a 4500 sq ft home that has been completely converted to Insteon from X10. The Insteon technology is clearly superior... - - - Mike, President, Kressa Software Corp

What an amazing lighting automation product. Faster than X10 and works every time - completely reliable. Thank you, Smarthome, for making switches that are enjoyable to use. - - - James, Boston, MA

Insteon dimmers are the best things since sliced bread. 100% reliable and they respond to commands instantaneously. I can't convert my house to Insteon dimmers fast enough. - - - Robert, Leesburg, VA

I have a Lutron Homeworks home. Smarthome Insteon works as well, costs a whole lot less and is much much easier to reconfigure/change or update. Works perfectly every time, all the time. Thats why when I have lights that need controlling I don't call my Lutron Dealer, I just install Smarthome. A tenth the cost and a tenth the hassle. - - - Richard, Colleyville, TX