Insteon Hub and Insteon for Hub App - Device Compatibility

The chart below identifies the supported Insteon devices on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. The information in this chart is applicable for Insteon Hub (2242-222) and Insteon Hub (2245-222) with the Insteon for Hub app. The HomeKit-enabled Insteon Hub Pro (2243-222) and Insteon+ app, have separate set of compatible devices.

iOSAndroidWindowsWindows Phone
Dimmer Module
On/Off Module
Outdoor On/Off Module
LED Bulb
LED Bulb For Recessed Lights
Dimmer Switch
Dimmer Switch (1000W)
Dimmer Switch (2-Wire)
On/Off Switch
Dimmer Keypad (6-Button)Load OnlyLoad Only
Dimmer Keypad (8-Button)Load OnlyLoad Only
On/Off Keypad (6-Button)Load OnlyLoad Only
On/Off Keypad (8-Button)Load OnlyLoad Only
Dimmer Outlet
On/Off Outlet (2007)
On/Off Outlet (2014)Upper Outlet OnlyUpper Outlet Only
Wired Thermostat
Wireless Thermostat
Thermostat Adapter
Mini Remote (Wireless Switch)
Mini Remote (4-Scene)
Mini Remote (8-Scene)
WiFi Camera
HD WiFi Camera
Outdoor WiFi Camera
HD Outdoor WiFi Camera
Open/Close Sensor
Hidden Door Sensor
Motion Sensor
Leak Sensor
Smoke Bridge
IO Module
Ceiling Fan ControllerLight OnlyLight Only
Dimmer Micro Module
On/Off Micro Module
Open/Close Micro Module
Dimmer In-Line Module
On/Off In-Line Module
220V Load Controller (Normally Closed)
220V Load Controller (Normally Open)
Dimmer DIN Rail Module
On/Off DIN Rail Module
MorningLinc / MiLock Controller
Lock Controller
IRLinc Transmitter
IRLinc Receiverr
Range Extender
Energy Display
iMeter Solo
Nest Thermostat
X10Hub 2242-222 OnlyHub 2242-222 Only

*Last updated July 27th, 2015