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Smarthomeis the world's leading online retailer of home automation products for the mass market. The company was founded in 1992 and currently sells over 1,000 products in the areas of lighting control, whole-house automation, security and surveillance, home entertainment, gadgets and more. Smarthome's mission is to ""make life more convenient, safe and fun."" Customers can order at or by phone at 800-762-7846.

In February, 1995, SmartLabs' Smarthome became an Internet pioneer by launching one of the first e-commerce sites on the Web. By the end of summer of 1995, had a full-functioning e-basket and search engine, which it continues to build upon today. The company credits its early success to the fact that many early Internet enthusiasts were also early adopters of home automation technology and gadgets

In 2005 the company unveiled Insteon, the world’s only dual-band (RF + powerline) home networking technology. Insteon is the gold standard in home automation, offering reliability rates of up to 100 times that of single band networking technologies. The company now also designs and manufactures over 200 Insteon products. These products are available on as well as hundreds of other retail locations including Best Buy and Amazon. A growing list of third-party manufacturers also support and/or manufacture Insteon-compatible products.

Smarthome/Insteon is the largest, real success story in the area of affordable home automation.


1621 Alton Parkway
Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92606
phone: 949-221-0037


Smarthome currently has ~ 50 employees.

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