Buyers Guide Driveway Monitoring

Be Alerted When Someone Pulls Into Your Driveway

Don’t be caught off guard by unexpected guests driving up to your house. With these solution ideas you can be notified with a tone or even alert to your smartphone from your home automation ecosystem. These are great products for your long drive way or even vacation home.

This Buyer’s Guide is meant to help show the benefits and limitations of each type of Driveway Monitoring system. Some of these products are standalone systems with expandability while others are components that can be integrated into a security and or home automation system like Insteon. Not every solution is a good fit for every home and this overview should help you decide which is suitable for your home.

Pass-through Field

Be informed when a car pulls into your driveway or a person is walking up to the house. Two kits are available for adding a pass-through field to your driveway. The Enforcer Wireless Door and Driveway Entry Alert System allows up to a 22’ photoelectric beam to act as a sensor for wherever it is placed. Being weatherproof, this kit makes it ideal for an outdoor contained motion sensor, and with the alert speaker having up to a 328’ range, you can place the speaker most anywhere in the house.

The I/O Linc Insteon Entry Kit includes the Enforcer Sensor and reflector to integrate into your Insteon home automation system. From this kit you can activate any number of scenes through your Insteon Hub when something passes through the photoelectric beam including; receiving an alert on your smartphone, turn on your porch light’s Insteon Bulb, or trigger your curtains to open.


Mount the reflector and sensor so they face each other about 2 feet off the ground. If you are using the speaker mount it within the 300 foot range. Plug the sensor and speaker into the wall, pair them together, and you are done. If you choose the I/O Linc Insteon Entry Kit; mount the sensor and reflector the same as notated above, follow the wiring diagram included with this kit and use the 22 gauge wire provided, and from your Insteon for Hub app add the I/O Linc and create your scenes.

Parts Required:

  • Wireless Door and Driveway Entry Alert System (SKU # 77320) (With Speaker) OR
  • I/O Linc - Insteon Indoor/Outdoor Photobeam Entry Alert Kit (SKU # 70414) (Without Speaker)

Metallic Sensor

A simple tone can now give you the forewarning of a guests car. The Safety Wireless Driveway Monitor is an advanced driveway monitor only detects large metallic (iron or steel) objects, which will prevent the alarm from being triggered by animals, people, or shadows. This makes a great afternoon install project to monitor your driveway and not break your back having to dig trenches for wire.

The Battery Powered Driveway Monitor uses a patented magnetometer sensor system. Movement of any large metallic (iron or steel) object close to the driveway sensor will cause the sensor to transmit to the receiver. The sensor may be placed as far as 1000 feet (line of sight) from the receiver in your home. Additional sensors may be required for driveways exceeding 12 feet wide or to monitor an additional driveway.


Keeping a minimum of 25’ between the battery-powered sensor and the street, simply mount it to a fence or post, install two C batteries (not included), then adjust the sensitivity. Plug in the receiver to program the tone and any additional sensors. There is a silent mode you can toggle on and off. Now you will receive an alert tone whenever a car pulls though your driveway.

Parts Required:

  • Battery Powered Wireless Driveway Monitor (SKU # 70509)
  • Alkaline C Batteries (2-pack) (SKU # 9823c2)

Underground Probe

Being alerted by a car is what you want, not being alerted by a dog or cat, Wireless Probe Driveway Alert gives you that ability with its subterranean probe that only detects automobiles. Sending a wireless signal to a receiver and gives you a one of four user-specified tones. The wireless signal can also be transmitted to the Wireless Sensor Receiver for Insteon integration.


Bury the probe parallel to your driveway a minimum 25’ away from the street. Trench the wire to prevent damage and run it to a tree or post to mount the transmitter on. Pair the transmitter to the receiver and choose the tone or chime. For Insteon users, the Dakota Alert WPA-3000 Wireless Probe Driveway Alert can relay data to your existing home automation system through the Wireless Sensor Receiver.

Parts Required:

  • Dakota Alert Wireless Probe Driveway Alert (SKU # 7313)


  • EZSnsRF Wireless Sensor Receiver (SKU # 31275)

Bi-directional Underground Prob

Sometimes it is important to know when a car is driving into or driving out of your driveway, and a single tone is not the answer. The Bi-Directional Driveway Probe System utilizes the placement of two subterranean sensors along your driveway to relay signals to the housed processor. These sensors, being underground, minimize the risk of false signals from a standard motion detector. Then use the provided chime or wire in to an Insteon I/O Linc to unlock its true potential.

The system includes a weatherproof controller, a pair of directional driveway probes, burial cable splicing kit, power supply, back-up battery and a wall-mountable chime module with an on/off switch. This system requires 22-gauge, 4-conductor cable with a shield for connecting the probes to the controller (cable sold separately). Two outputs are provided (configurable as normally open or normally closed, with selectable 12VDC or "dry-contact" output signals). When a vehicle arrives to your home, it triggers the Channel 2 relay. When a vehicle leaves your home, it triggers the Channel 1 relay. Knowing this will allow you to configure any complex scenarios through alarms, security systems, and home automation systems.


Bury the probes parallel to your driveway with the entry probe a minimum 25’ away from the street. Trench the wire to prevent damage and run it to the housed control box. Follow the provided simple diagram for wiring and your system is complete. For Insteon users, the Bi-Directional Driveway Probe System can relay data to your existing home automation system through the I/O Linc by Insteon.

Parts Required:

  • Bi-Directional Driveway Probe System (SKU # 790908)
  • 22/4 shielded direct burial cable with drain wire (length from sensor to receiver)


  • I/O Linc - Insteon Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface (SKU # 2450)