We believe pets enhance our quality of life! During these challenging times, our bond with our furry kids keeps us going. We also believe technology is of no use unless it blends in our day to day life seamlessly. Nimble offers peace of mind for pet parents on pets’ comfort, safety & fitness!

Dog Safety risks when traveling by RV!

  • RVs (unless they are plugged in) use a Diesel generator to power the appliances (like your microwave oven and Air conditioners)
  • RV generators are prone to failure and consume ~ 1 Gallon/hour of use.
  • If you leave your Dog/Pet in the RV and if the DG fails, the temperature inside can reach over 100°F even when the temperature outside is just 75°F.
  • This rapid rise in temperature in the RV can turn put your furry babies at extreme risk of Heatstrokes and related diseases.