Instant Button Control

No phone, No Wi-Fi, No Problem. Yardian Pro uses instant control buttons directly on the controller which allows you to start or pause specific zones and set the duration. The controller can function with or without the app and Wi-Fi.

EPA WaterSense Rebates

As an EPA WaterSense certified sprinkler controller, Yardian Pro is eligible for local rebates. It is also certified to provide you with the highest savings on monthly water usage available.

Wi-Fi Range Extended

With built-in Wi-Fi, Yardian Pro has an even wider range to connect to your home router. Or chose to use the RJ45 ethernet port for the fastest and most stable connection.

Smart program for the smart home

The most advanced Smart Program is only available with Yardian Pro. A 100% automated program which determine which days and the duration of water your yard needs with 0 input necessary from you. For even more control, our Conditional Program allows you to not only set skip rules, but also special watering if/then rules. Or choose to completely choose your own schedule with Manual Program.