Easy to Install

No expensive contractors needed for the job. Simple step by step DIY instructions. Live phone support available seven days a week!

RainMachine installation is guaranteed to be easier than your old device! Need to say more? Welcome to the future!

Weather Data Sources

The RainMachine gets weather forecast from NOAA.GOV, Metno, Forecast.io, NetAtmo, or Wunderground Personal Weather Station for precise, realtime weather information.

The RainMachine updates weather data several times per day just to calculate the right amount of water for your plants!

Start Saving Now!

Depending on your climate, and if weather permitting, record water savings of up to 80% (per week or even per month!) can be achieved with the RainMachine.

Because of substantial savings on your water bill, the RainMachine will pay itself in less than two years, fastest payback of any green IOT appliance!

WaterSense Certification

Our RainMachine is WaterSense Certified for efficiency and performance.

(Certificate number 9291, by IAPMO R&T authority, 2019).

Check for rebates with your local water agency and start saving now!

Rebates up to the full cost of your RainMachine can be obtained from your Water Agency. Start saving now!