Just Tap

Activate Nexx Garage by tapping on the Nexx Home app. Open, close, schedule, monitor… anytime, anywhere.

Just Speak

Control your garage door without leaving the couch. Simply let Siri or your Alexa or Google assistant-enabled device know what you want to do!

Just Drive

Industry-leading “Just Drive” Geofencing Technology tells your garage door to open the moment you pull into your driveway, hands-free!


Securely open, close, schedule, and monitor your garage door from anywhere in the world. Never worry about whether or not you have left your garage door open again!


Receive instant notifications on who is coming or going from your garage –– including alerts in case someone forgets to close the door.


Share access with multiple people, like your kids, parents, and friends. Or, securely open the door for a guest who arrives while you’re away.