Remote unlock/lock

Unlock or lock your door from anywhere in the world at the tap of a button in the Wyze app - Even on the back of a buffalo (if that's your thing).

Door position detection built-in

Wyze Lock is actually smart. Unlike other locks, Wyze Lock has a gyroscope that can detect door position built-in. That means it can notify you if your door is left open and won’t auto-lock on an open door.

Voice controlled

Works with Alexa. Wyze Lock can be controlled hands-free (voice pin required for unlocking).


Wyze Lock knows when you get home and automatically unlocks as you approach your door and locks it behind you once it closes. No more balancing groceries in one hand while trying to get in your home.

Simple sharing

Wyze Lock makes sharing access to your home simple and puts you in complete control. Say goodbye to handing out keys or forgetting what rock you hid them under. Easily grant or revoke access to your home through the Wyze app.

Easy install: Works with most single-cylinder deadbolts

Wyze Lock installs in under 15 minutes and only takes a screwdriver (Honest! We tested it.). We made Wyze Lock to work with most single-cylinder deadbolts—deadbolts with a keyhole on only one side. If you are unsure if it will work with your lock, ask a question below or check out the support article on the Wyze website.