How do I set up Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs?

Use the Sengled Home app to connect your bulb to your 2.4 GHz wi-fi network. You will need to do this to use the bulb, even if you use a voice assistant.

Can I use Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs with other Sengled smart products?

Yes, Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs also use the Sengled Home app. However, Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs do not require the Sengled Smart Hub for use.

Can I still turn off the lights from a physical switch?

Yes, you can also use the physical switch to power on or off. However, the switch needs to be on to use an app or a voice assistant.

What are the different ways I can control my lighting?

You can use the Sengled Home app or widget (iOS or Android), voice commands using Alexa or Google Assistant, IFTTT, or the Sengled Smart Switch (compatible hub required).

Can this bulb be used outdoors?

No, this bulb is for indoor use only, in temperatures between -4 and 104ºF.