The Sonin Water Alarm with Remote Sensor is designed to protect your home or business from potentially costly water damage which could be prevented if discovered early on. This water detection alarm boasts a loud and powerful 85 dB alarm which will sound instantly if water bridges between the devices two contacts. The remote sensor can be secured in place just about anywhere there is a potential for a leak via a suction cup (included) or adhesive stick tape (included). The alarm unit and water sensor can be placed up to six feet apart allowing for the alarm unit to be safely placed out of the way on a shelf or table. Mounting screws for the alarm unit are included for a more secure wall mounting if desired. The Water Alarm with Remote Sensor has a built-in circuit testing button to allow users to test the device as desired to ensure it is working properly. It is powered by one 9V battery (sold separately) which should last for up to 12 months if using a non-alkaline battery or up to 15 months for an alkaline battery. As the battery begins to run low the device will alert the owner by double beeping approximately every 20 seconds for as much as 7 days, or until replaced.