The Leviton AEC65 Architectural Edition JBL 6.5-Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers can be used for front (left and right) home theater installations, and can be used for side and/or rear channel output in 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound applications. Typically they are used for applications where in-wall speakers are not desired. The JBL speakers feature Titanium-laminate drivers that maintain musical accuracy and clarity even at frequency extremes. Long-excursion woofers with butyl-rubber half-round surrounds and extended pole-piece magnetic structures deliver maximum bass impact and dynamic range. The Straight-line Signal Path (SSP) crossover network means there is minimal signal distortion and Elliptical Oblate Sphereoidal (EOS) Waveguide technology ensures excellent high-frequency dispersion. Low-diffraction, swivel-tweeter mounting system let's you direct sound where you want it most, giving you the optimum stereo imaging. Additionally, these speakers have heavy-duty push-type input terminals for long-term connection integrity, integrated dog-ear mounting brackets and acoustically-transparent paintable baffles and grilles so you can match your speakers to your home decor.

Leviton / JBL

Leviton and JBL have partnered together to create the Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL program, which consists of a complete line of installed multi-room music, outdoor and home theater entertainment systems, making it easy to design and build award-winning JBL sound quality into any residential project. When it comes to reproducing their work, performers and recording professionals insist on JBL speakers in the studio, on tour, and behind the screens of the world's best movie theaters. Leviton/JBL components are engineered using the same advanced materials and technologies found in JBL professional systems to deliver a professional quality listening experience right in the home.

More About the Leviton Architectural Edition

An entertainment system - like a chain - can only be as strong as its weakest link. The Leviton Architectural Edition series ensures that all control and distribution elements are as "state-of-the-art" in performance as the systems' speakers and electronic components. Leviton's award-winning System Matching module and Strauss Transformer-Free volume controls use advanced aerospace technology to deliver ruler-flat frequency response to every zone of a multi-room audio system. Architectural Edition wall plates provide audiophile-grade connectivity in a quick, easy-to-install format.

Add a second pair of these speakers for the rear channels in a 5.1 setup, two more pairs of these speakers for the rear and side channels in a 7.1 setup, a Leviton AEI55 for the center channel and a Leviton AESUB-12 powered subwoofer to complete you home theater surround sound setup.

Also available as an 8-Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair), with slightly more maximum power output at 100 Watts.

To help improve the sound and diminish the sound the typically escapes to other areas of your home through the ceiling or walls, a Fire-Rated Back Box is also available.