Why you need Ring Alarm Contact Sensor?

You can make sure doors and windows are always shut through your Ring App and receive notifications right as they open. When contact sensors are tampered with, the alarm will be triggered immediately.

The Benefits of the Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

  • Monitor with the Ring App: You can keep track of all door and window activity through your mobile app.
  • Battery Powered: No wiring necessary. Ring Alarm Contact Sensor comes with a 3-Volt lithium battery.
  • Easy Installation: No tools required to install Ring Alarm Contact Sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put the Ring Alarm Contact Sensors outdoors?

No, the sensors are intended for indoor on windows and doors only.

Do the Ring Alarm Contact Sensors require Wi-Fi to work?

Yes, you will need Wi-Fi in order for these sensors to function properly.

What is the operating range?

The Ring Alarm Contact Sensor has a 250 ft. operating range.

Do I really need a Ring Alarm Security Kit for these sensors to work?

Yes, this product requires a Ring Alarm Security Kit to function properly.