The Command Fusion IR Learner is one of the smallest and most feature-packed on the market. It supports the learning of most IR controlled devices, including Bang & Olufsen. The only IR learner you will ever need. About the size of a matchbox, the IR Learner is capable of learning any IR code and then testing it for accuracy via the on-board blaster output. The front IR window is used for learning, with the rear IR window housing the blaster output. The on-board IR blaster output means you can learn the IR codes, and test them in seconds. Play around with IR parameters and quickly test for the best IR control possible.


  • IR Learning from 30kHz to 455kHz
  • Able to learn long IR codes
  • Onboard IR library with over 500,000 non-unique codes
  • Onboard IR blaster with over120° coverage for testing