This contact closure interface allows you to control your Somfy RTS-equipped shades with any home automation controller. It can be used to communicate between home automation, or other third party systems, and Somfy's RTS Motors and Inteo line of controls. When you purchase Somfy Remote-Controlled Shades, they come with a handheld remote (IR or RF, depending on which option you choose). If you'd like to control your shades through any other method, you will need the Somfy's Dry Contact Interface.

Don't Have Somfy Remote Control Shades?

You've automated your lighting, security, and entertainment systems, but if you're still getting up and crossing the room to close your shades, you haven't truly discovered the ease and pleasure of home automation. By installing motorized shades powered by Somfy, you'll enjoy privacy with the press of a button, and adding shades to windows has numerous advantages, including energy savings, since your air conditioning won't need to work as hard if the sun isn't beating in directly.

Why Automate Your Shades?

Save energy on air conditioning by putting your shades on a timer! Close your blinds during that time of day when the sun is shining directly through your west-facing windows. The Elk M1 Gold Security System/Automation Controller, for example, has the ability to control your shades based on time, temperature, motion, phone call, or click of a mouse.

Insteon Control

The I/O Linc - Insteon to Somfy RF Drape Control Kit enhances your Insteon network by allowing you to remotely operate drapes, blinds and other window coverings powered by an I/O Linc and a Dry Contact Interface for Somfy RTS Motors.