Wireless indoor motion monitoring

Our new and improved wireless motion sensor makes activating lights or scenes based on movement easier and more reliable than ever. Motion Sensor is perfect for areas in your home where lights are commonly left on like the laundry room, closets, and the garage. When used with the Insteon Hub, your home's security is always safe, at home or away, day or night.

Occupancy Sensing

Turn any Insteon-controlled light into an occupancy sensing device by pairing it with a Motion Sensor and turn on lights automatically when you enter a space and off when you exit.

Save Energy

By automatically turning lights off when rooms are unoccupied, you'll not only reduce your electrical bill but you'll save your own energy by not having remind family members to turn lights off.

Get Notified

Pair the motion sensor with the Insteon Hub and receive alerts to your smartphone when there's unexpected motion. You can also sound an alarm or chime sound by pairing to an Insteon Siren.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timer lets you decide how long after motion has stopped before turning lights off.

Night-Only Mode

Set the motion sensor to turn lights on based on motion only when dark. Light sensitivity adjustment* allows you to set just how dark it needs to be before lights turn on.

*Settings adjustable only through Insteon App on iOS and Android. Default settings are 30 seconds countdown and night-mode disabled.

Super-Simple Setup

Unlike other connected motion sensors on the market, Insteon sensors can be paired directly with wall switches, plugs and other Insteon connected devices - no hub required. Using with the Insteon Hub provides more features and configuration options. The choice is yours.

New Design

Smaller and more modular design gives you multiple mounting options while maintaining a lower profile than traditional motion sensors.

Improved Wireless Performance

With a completely new antenna design, you'll get a longer range, and more consistent performance than our previous model.

Battery or USB Power

Power your sensor with the included long-life lithium battery or use a micro USB cable* for battery-free operation.

*USB cable and power adapter sold separately.

Give Motion a Pause

If you you're having a party or just need a break from automated lighting, tap the Motion button on the sensor to temporarily pause detection for the evening.

The Insteon motion sensor can activate lighting and other Insteon connected devices when motion is detected. After motion has stopped the sensor will turn connected devices off. Connect it to the Insteon Hub and the sensor can also alert you to unexpected motion while away from home.

Configurable Settings (available via Insteon Hub and other compatible controllers):

  • Nightmode – Tells the motion sensor that you want it to work only at night
  • Light Sensitivity – How sensitive the motion sensor is to detecting light
  • Motion Countdown – The amount of time that the motion sensor will wait before turning off linked devices
  • On Only Mode – This mode causes the motion sensor to only send the “ON” command and ignore the countdown. The customer will be responsible for turning off the light when they leave the room.
  • Motion LED – Option to disable the LED indicator that flashes when motion is detected

Mounting Options

Snug in the Corner

Set the motion sensor on any flat surface for quick and easy motion detection.

Flexible on the Wall

Mount the motion sensor on a wall and use the flex mount to angle it to see only in a particular area.

On the Surface

Set the motion sensor on any flat surface for quick and easy motion detection.