Remote Control

Control your thermostat from anywhere - in your home from an Insteon Keypad or on the road from your Smartphone with the Insteon Hub.

System Support

Insteon Thermostat works with most heating and cooling systems found in homes and many businesses.


Insteon Thermostats fully integrate with your Insteon automation system. Automatically control duct dampers, ceiling fans and more.

Smartphone Remote.

Because carrying the thermostat around is just silly.

When you install an Insteon Thermostat in your home and link it to the Insteon Hub, every smartphone and tablet you own becomes a remote control. It doesn't matter if you're hiding under the covers on a cold winter morning or running late out of the office on a sweltering summer evening, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere and ensure that your home is comfortable all the time.

Winter Weather Watch

Keep the blizzard outside and ensure your home is toasty warm by turning up the heat remotely.

Summer Sun

Cool down the house when you're on your way home on a blistering summer afternoon.

Bon Voyage

Turn off the AC even after you've left. Especially helpful for impromptu expeditions.

Supported Systems

A wide range of heating and cooling devices.

Insteon Thermostat works with most heating and cooling systems found in homes and many businesses. With the exception of heat pumps and sophisticated triple-stage systems, your home's heating and cooling system is most likely compatible with Insteon Thermostat.

Insteon Features

When is a thermostat more than just a thermostat? When it's an Insteon Thermostat.

Duct Dampers

Add duct dampers to control the flow of conditioned air on a room-by-room basis with IO Module.


Use sensors on doors and windows to prevent the AC from cooling the entire neighborhood when a door or window is left open.

Line Voltage & Millivolt

Integrated with line voltage systems using Micro Modules and vintage millivolt heaters with IO Module.

Ceiling Fans

Automatically circulate conditioned air when you run the AC or heater by spinning up ceiling fans.