Why do you need The Ring Panic Button?

The loud siren from the panic alarm can scare off potential intruders or notify your family and people around you that something is wrong. If you are subscribed to Ring Protect Plus, emergency responders can be dispatched immediately if there is a break in, an unsafe situation or even if there is a medical emergency.

Problem the Ring Panic Button Solves

The Ring Panic Button eliminates the need to make a phone call in an emergency situation. Instead of having to find the phone, dial a number and talk to an emergency responder, you simply have to press a button and Ring does the rest for you. If you do not want to get in contact with a responder, the Ring Panic Button can also scare off intruders or alert anyone in your family with the Ring app.

The Benefits of the Ring Panic Button

  • Easy setup: Just place or mount on a surface within the range of the base station.
  • Manage in the Ring App: You can get alerts and know when the Panic Button has been pushed. Just download the app and set up your Panic Button in the Ring app.
  • Battery Life: The battery life expectancy is three years.
  • Optional Professional Monitoring: 24/7 professional monitoring is just $10/month. No contracts or cancellation fees.
  • Change the Monitoring Mode: You can switch your alarm between professional monitoring and self-monitoring. Professional monitoring mode will alert Ring’s professional monitoring system when the button is pushed and self-monitoring will simply alert family members who have the app.
  • Multiple Panic Buttons: You can set up multiple panic buttons around your house in any area where you might want to trigger the alarm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Ring Panic Button?

The Panic Button is 2.95 inches in diameter and 1.06 inches in height.

How far can the Panic Button be placed from the Base Station?

It should be placed within 250 feet of the base station. Your Alarm Security Kit also comes with a range extender that you can use if necessary.

Can I use the Panic Button without a Ring Alarm?

No, the Panic Button will not work without the Ring Alarm Base Station.

Can the Panic Button be placed outside?

No, the Ring Panic Button is intended for indoor use only.