Why do you need Ring Flood and Freeze?

Leaks and burst pipes can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. The Ring Flood and Freeze Sensor allows you to stay one step ahead and will send notifications when it detects water or when the temperature drops below 40°F.

The Benefits of the Ring Flood and Freeze Sensor

  • Small & compact design: These sensors are designed to be small and not take up much room wherever they are placed
  • Battery Operated: The Flood and Freeze Sensor is powered by a 3V lithium battery CR123A, which allows it to be placed anywhere near water. Battery life is 3 years and are replaceable.
  • Easy installation: No tools required and set up only takes minutes.
  • Detects before most damage occurs: The Ring Flood and Freeze Sensor can detect water and low temperatures before damage is done and will alert you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product work with Ring’s 24/7 professional monitoring?

Yes! If signed up for professional monitoring, you will receive an automated phone call when they detect an issue.

What are some places that I might need to put a Flood and Freeze Sensor?

Some places include: a toilet, washing machine, fridge, sink, water heater or basement. These are all areas that are high risk for flooding or freezing.

How far can the sensor be from the base station?

Your sensors should be 250 ft. from the base station, but you can use a range extender if they need to be placed further.

Can a Flood and Freeze Sensor be placed outside?

No, they are intended for indoor use only.

Can I change the low temperature point that it’s set to?

No, the low temperature point will always be 40°F.

Will Ring send me a notification when water or low temperatures are no longer detected?

No, they will only alert you when water or low temperatures are detected.