The Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor truly does it all: This small ZigBee device acts as an open/closed, vibration, orientation, and temperature sensor all in one. As the most versatile device in the Samsung SmartThings family, the Multipurpose Sensor can send you an immediate alert if a door, window, or drawer opens unexpectedly, notify you if dangerous off-limits areas of your home have been accessed, and offer up-to-the-moment temperature readings.

With its built-in accelerometer, the Multipurpose Sensor can also monitor vibration. Place it on your washing machine to know when the laundry is finished, or attach it to your door to detect someone knocking. You can set it to trigger certain actions as well, like telling the thermostat to adjust when the temperature changes in the room.


Peace of Mind

Know if doors, windows, or cabinets open unexpectedly.

Know & Control Temperatures

The Multipurpose sensor can detect temperature and trigger smart thermostats or portable heating and cooling units to automatically adjust if temperatures fluctuate.

Simple Set-ups

Simply connect the device to your Samsung SmartThings Hub and download the SmartThings smart phone app, and you have everything you need to get started.