HS-DS100+ is comprised of a sensor body and a magnet piece. The sensor body is (typically) installed on a door or window jamb. The magnet piece is (typically) installed on the door or window. When the door or window are closed, the magnet trips a switch inside the sensor body and a Z-Wave command is issued. When the door or window are opened, the switch is tripped again and another Z-Wave command is issued.

Physical Installation

The sensor body and magnet piece must be mounted to the door or window (vertically or horizontally) using the provided screws or double-stick tape (your choice). Leave a gap (no wider than 10mm) to allow the door or window to open and close easily with-out obstruction. If using screws, you’ll have to the mount the backing plates of the sensor body and magnet piec-es first. To do this, press the latch button on the sensor body and gently pry off the backing plate. Then, use a small slotted screwdriver to remove the backing plate from the magnet piece.

Z-Wave Network Installation

Door/Window Sensor can be included and operated in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave certified devices from other manufacturers and/or other applications. All non-battery operated nodes within the network will act as repeaters regardless of vendor to increase reliabil-ity of the network.