Indigo 7

Indigo is a powerful Mac-based home control server that integrates an assortment of popular Z-Wave®, Insteon® and X10 hardware devices, as well as a variety of other hardware via 3rd party plugins, to provide monitoring and control of your home. Depending on your needs and budget, you can create a simple system that controls only a couple of lights or you can automate your entire home.

Home Automation

Indigo communicates with Z-Wave, Insteon and X10 devices (like thermostats, locks, appliance or lamp modules) via one of the Z-Wave Controller or PowerLinc Modem interfaces. These controller interfaces are USB devices that connect to your Mac and allow Indigo to both send and receive commands. Without a PowerLinc (or other interface like the CM11) or a Z-Wave Controller, there is obviously no way for Indigo to "hear" or send the commands on the power line or via RF. Therefore, you must have this hardware interface module along with your Indigo. See below for more detail on the various interfaces.

To communicate with BOTH X10 and Insteon compatible devices, Indigo interfaces with the Insteon PowerLinc Modem (2413U), sold seprately. And, to support your Z-Wave devices, Indigo 7 now supports the Z-Stick Gen 5 from Aeon Labs.

Interface Controllers Supported

Here is the list of interface controllers that Indigo supports:

  • PowerLinc Modems 2412U and Insteon PowerLinc Modem (2413U) (X10 and Insteon devices)
  • Insteon PowerLinc 2414U (X10 and Insteon devices) (NOTE: This controller has been discontinued effective April 2012 by the manufacturer and will not support the latest firmware found on many new Insteon modules)
  • Insteon RF USB Adapter 2448A (Insteon devices)
  • PowerLinc Controller 1132CU (X10 only device - discontinued)
  • Z-Stick Gen 5 (Z-Wave devices)
  • ActiveHome Pro CM15A (X10 only device)
  • ActiveHome CM11 (X10 only device)
  • LynX-PLC (X10 only device)