Outdoor Automatic Pond or Pet Feeder, Large


Outdoor Automatic Pond or Pet Feeder, Large

Programmable Outdoor Feeder Ensures and Regulates the Feeding Quantities and Times for your Pets
  • 20 pound storage bin capacity
  • Up to eight programs per day
  • Dispenses small portions of food at scheduled intervals
  • Airtight lid on storage container keeps food fresh
  • Water proof cover is provided for outdoor use



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  • Whether you're the person with a busy schedule trying to reduce your daily amount of chores or the person who simply likes to automate everything, the Outdoor Automatic Pond or Pet Feeder is for you. It was designed for use in outdoor locations but may also be used indoors to feed all types of pets. A digital timer is included that will allow you to schedule up to eight different feeding times for each day of the week. This product is Veterinarian recommended as it releases small portions of food at different intervals, helping to maintain your pet's health by preventing bloating. It also helps to keep food fresh within the storage bin through the use of the air tight lid. A self-lubricating nylon auger prevents jamming, providing a smooth and quiet performance. A safety interlock switch and safety basket disables the feeder in the event that the storage container is removed. Additionally, a water proofing cover prevents water from coming in contact with the pet food inside and damaging the working components of the appliance. This model can be used with pets such as cats, dogs, horses, birds, ferrets, and fish in an outdoor or indoor environment, dispensing a preset quantity of food at preset times.

    This Outdoor Automatic Pond or Pet Feeder is the Large version, with a storage capacity of 20 pounds.

    Feeding Schedules
    The digital timer has nine different WEEK options in which feeding schedules can be set:
    • All Days (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun)
    • Each Day (Mon), (Tue), (Wed), (Thu), (Fri), (Sat) and (Sun)
    • Week Days (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri)
    • Week End (Sat and Sun)
    • Six Days (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat)
    • Alternate Days (Mon, Wed and Fri)
    • Alternate Days (Tue, Thu and Sat)
    • Three Days (Mon, Tue and Wed)
    • Three Days (Thu, Fri and Sat)

    Other Applications
    • Feeding dry solid food for other animals in zoos and parks
    • Feeding birds outdoors with any kind of bird seed
    • For providing treats to pets as a reward for doing something to reinforce pets behavior
    • Adding chemical pellets in swimming pools
    • Adding a broad spectrum bioactive cultures that have the ability to digest and liquefy organic wastes in septic tanks, pools etc
    • Other situations wherein dry powder or pellets need to be dispensed at a pre-determined time into a system

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Ergo Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2000PFL
    UPC: 0083497500307
    Capacity: 20 pounds
    Voltage: 24V AC
    Frequency: 60 Hz
    Power Consumption: 12 Watts
    Dimensions (Assembled): 26" H x 11" W x 11" D
    Weight: 8.7 pounds
    Certifications: UL, CUL approved
    Warranty: Manufacturer 90 day limited

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    • Pet Feeder base
    • Food Storage Container Cover
    • Food Storage Container
    • Digital Timer
    • 4VAC transformer
    • Flow Pipe
    • F-Clamp
    • R-Clamp
    • 50 Feet 16 gauge wire
    • Five (5) tee nuts
    • Five (5) 1/2" long bolts
    • Five (5) washers
    • Three (3) screws
    • Waterproof feeder cover
    • Owner's manual

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