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  1. The United Security Products voice dial security monitoring system automatically dials up to 8 phones with pre-recorded messages in case of an event.


    List Price: $394.30

    Your Savings: $172.33

  2. United Security Products auto pager secure monitoring system automatically places a call with your pre-programmed messages. Ideal for home or business.


    List Price: $279.85

    Your Savings: $132.75

  3. The United Security Products single channel auto voice dialer notifies you the minute something goes wrong. Ideal for home security notifications.


    List Price: $223.85

    Your Savings: $106.67

  4. Choose this easy to use Voice Dialer to add automatic and emergency dialing, recorded message, and pager capability to most alarm systems.


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $53.51

  5. Incorporate this Emergency Automatic Voice Dialer as part of your home security system to dial as many as 9 contacts and play a recorded message.


    List Price: $105.63

    Your Savings: $15.70

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