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  1. The United Security Products voice dial security monitoring system automatically dials up to 8 phones with pre-recorded messages in case of an event.


    List Price: $394.30

    Your Savings: $177.91

  2. United Security Products auto pager secure monitoring system automatically places a call with your pre-programmed messages. Ideal for home or business.


    List Price: $279.85

    Your Savings: $132.75

  3. The United Security Products single channel auto voice dialer notifies you the minute something goes wrong. Ideal for home security notifications.
  4. Monitor four critical environments simultaneously with this easy to setup and easy to operate EnviroAlert Zone Control System.


    List Price: $300.00

    Your Savings: $50.01

  5. Choose this easy to use Voice Dialer to add automatic and emergency dialing, recorded message, and pager capability to most alarm systems.


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $62.23

  6. Have the United Security Products auto voice pager dialer system call your pager or a friend. Save on monitoring station charges!


    List Price: $366.55

    Your Savings: $188.30

  7. Incorporate this Emergency Automatic Voice Dialer as part of your home security system to dial as many as 9 contacts and play a recorded message.


    List Price: $105.63

    Your Savings: $15.70

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