Osun Technologies RF0010 Radiation Finder

Osun Technologies RF0010 Radiation Finder

Identify Appliances or Cell Phones that Emit Heavy Radiation


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  • Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) have different properties and different ways of causing harmful biological effects. Some people become ill from many types of EMF sources, such as alarm clocks too close to their bed, sitting too close to a TV or computer, or using a cell phone. Reported symptoms are headaches, arm and leg tingling, dizziness, difficulty in concentrating, and even nausea. Although not proven, more serious problems might be caused by prolonged exposure to EMF. Most scientists agree that it is wise to protect ourselves from biological effects that are known to exist.

    Green light: No EMF or HF radiation detected or it is at safe level.
    Yellow light: EMF or HF radiation is strong.
    Red light: EMF or HF radiation is very strong.
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