Osun Technologies EH0010 EMF Hunter EMF Radiation Detector

Osun Technologies EH0010 EMF Hunter EMF Radiation Detector

Detect and Sense the Invisible Electro Magnetic Fields Around You
  • For cell phones, power lines, and all other electrical appliances, as well as ghost hunting
  • 3 dimensional detection means easy, accurate and speedy detection
  • Superior accuracy! Measures low frequency and high frequency radiations precisely with numerical bar display
  • Visible in the dark! Both visual and audible alarm gives clear indication of radiation levels even in the dark
  • Unique temperature reading capability to detect elevated temperature as a result of EMF exposure
  • Color code of Safe/Caution/Warning with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to indicate the EMF and HF radiation strength



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  • The Osun Technologies EH0010 EMF Hunter EMF Radiation Detector is the first one on the market that adds temperature testing to the radiation strength (selected model only). It is easy to use, and does not require a technical background. It has 3 separate sensors (HF, LF, and Temperature) that are user selectable to provide a really cool readout on three Sci-Fi styled LED bars! Utilizing state-of-art technology, you can walk around your house and actually "SEE" these fields around you! You will be amazed at what you find. Perfect to use in the light or in the dark! The EMF Hunter can be used to detect both low and high frequency EMF produced by appliances such as cell phones, microwave ovens, power lines, TVs, computers, electrical fans, AC alarm clocks, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and washers and dryers. The list is extensive. It can also be used to research paranormal phenomena.

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    Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) have different properties and different ways of causing harmful biological effects. Some people become ill from many types of EMF sources, such as alarm clocks too close to their bed, sitting too close to a TV or computer, or using a cell phone. Reported symptoms are headaches, arm and leg tingling, dizziness, difficulty in concentrating, and even nausea. Although not proven, more serious problems might be caused by prolonged exposure to EMF. Scientists agree that it may be wise to protect ourselves from biological effects that are known to exist.

    Green light: No EMF or HF radiation detected or it is at safe level.
    Yellow light: EMF or HF radiation is strong.
    Red light: EMF or HF radiation is very strong.
    Temperature: 32 - 102 degrees. Warning at 99 degree.
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