How To Place an Order
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How To Place an Order

The shopping basket system allows you to submit an order to us, on-line, while viewing our catalog. Our web servers allow secure/encrypted data transmission using the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Among the browsers currently supporting SSL connections are Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, America On-Line, and Prodigy. Our shopping basket system will automatically establish an SSL connection prior to the completion of your order (if your browser supports it). Click here to find out more about secure transactions.

You may also choose to use our:
Manual Order Form

  You will need to know the part numbers, descriptions, and prices
  of all the items you wish to order before filling in this form.

At the bottom of each description in our on-line catalog is an ordering line, includinga part number, description, price, and quantity (fill-in).

0000 Sample Item to Order $9.95

  • To select an item for purchase, simply fill in the quantity you wish to receive and press the "Buy" button. After the item is added, you will be shown the current contents of your shopping basket. If you wish to order multiple items from one page, enter the quantities for each item before pressing the "Buy" button. All items selected on a page are added to your shopping basket when you click any "Buy" button.
  • To view the current contents of your shopping basket, and to make changes, press the "View Contents" link.

    (located on the bottom of every product page in the footer)

  • To submit your completed order, press the "Place Order" button. If your browser supports SSL connections, you will be automatically transferred into secure mode. You will be presented with the final order form where you enter your billing/shipping address(es), payment information, and desired shipping method. If you have recently placed a credit card order with us, we have your number on file. (If you have a secure connection, entering your credit card number will speed the processing of your order.) Be sure to fill out this form completely. Your order cannot be processed without complete billing and contact information. Send your order by pressing the "Submit Order" button at the bottom of the order form.

Our ordering system keeps track of your shopping basket's contents by your computer'sIP address. If you change computers or log out before completing your order, you may losethe contents of your shopping basket. Also, your shopping basket's contents will remaincurrent for only 45 minutes. If items remain in your shopping basket longer than 45minutes, you will be asked if you want to keep them or discard them the next time you tryto add items. All shopping baskets are automatically emptied after 24 hours.

If you have not completed your order and want to come back, you have the option to save your shopping basketinformation. After filling out the order form with your billing and contact information, press the "Save Basket" button at the bottom of the order form (instead of the "Submit Order" button). Your order information will be saved on our server for thenext time you visit. Please note that to continue where you left off, you will need to use the same computer and web browser, as our server tracks saved orders using cookies.

If you are trying to order an item from our new catalog and cannot find it online, usethe manual order form or use the "Additional Items" sectionprovided in the shopping basket order form to order the item.

Users of Online Services

If you are using an on-line service (such as Compuserve, Prodigy, or America Online),you may find items in your shopping basket that you did not order. (Since on-line servicessupport many users through a small number of IP addresses, items placed into a shoppingbasket but not ordered may show up in someone else's shopping basket when they log on.) Ifthe items in your basket do not look familiar to you, you can delete them by viewing thecontents and changing the quantity to zero.

We are aware of incompatibilities between our shopping basket system and beta versionsof Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.0 and Netscape Navigator. (These incompatibilitiesresult in a "Not Found" error when you try to add items to your shoppingbasket9a#

Please feel free to send us feedback on our order system if you have any problems.

  • SMARTHOME™, Inc., 16542 Millikan Ave., Irvine, CA 92606 USA

  • (800) SMART-HOME or (800) 762-7846 (US Orders and Catalog Requests only)

  • (800) 871-5719 (Canadian Orders and Catalog Requests only)

  • (949) 221-9200 (Customer Service, Technical Support and Foreign Orders)

  • (949) 221-9240 (fax)

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