Orbit Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor

Wireless Sensor Prevents your Automatic Sprinkler System from Watering During a Storm
  • Wireless communication eliminates the need for a professional hard wired installation
  • Delays watering during rain or freezing conditions
  • Adjustable rain sensitivity
  • Works with most existing sprinkler systems



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  • The Orbit Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor will add convenience, safety and water conservation to almost any automated sprinkler system. The sensor transmits a wireless signal up 200 feet away from the receiver which is connected to your sprinkler system timer. The communication is done via radio frequency (RF), which eliminates the need for a professional installation and unsightly wires. When a user specified amount of rain has fallen (from 1/8" to 1") or when temperatures drop below 37° F, the sensor will alert the sprinkler system timer to shut off. If rain is falling, stopping the use of your sprinklers will help to conserve water. If temperatures reach freezing, interrupting your sprinklers will reduce the hazards of standing water freezing on your driveway, sidewalks, and patios. The sensor has an easy one-step installation for either your rain gutter or any flat surface. The rain/freeze sensor is powered by 2 replaceable 3V lithium batteries (CR2032), included.

    Important Note: This sensor is designed for 24 Volt Irrigation Timers only do not connect the receiver to 120/240 VAC.

    Feature Control Switch and Manual Override Button
    Located on the bottom of the transmitter, the three position feature control switch allows you to select Rain Sensor, Rain/Freeze Sensor and Sensor Off. On the receiver, the manual override button allows you to instantly stop the timer from watering or to allow watering when the rain/freeze sensor is active.

    LED Panel Lights
    Located on the receiver, the LED lights communicate the current status of the sensor.

    Rain Sensor
    The rain sensor can keep the irrigation system from starting or continuing after rainfall quantities of 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", or 1"; the 1/2" setting is recommended. The time that it takes the rain sensor to reset for normal sprinkler operation after the rain has stopped is determined by weather conditions (wind, sunlight, humidity, etc.). These conditions will determine how fast the hygroscopic discs dry out, and since the landscape is also experiencing the same conditions, their respective drying rates will roughly parallel each other. There is an adjustment capability on the rain sensor that will slow down the rest rate.

    Freeze Sensor
    The temperature at which the freeze sensor is activated is 37° F (+/- 2%deg) and is not adjustable. The freeze sensor feature can be bypassed by moving the switch (located on the bottom of the rain/freeze sensor) to the "Rain" position.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Orbit Irrigation
    Manufacturer Product No.: 57071
    UPC: 0046878570719
    Rain/Freeze Wireless Range: Up to 200 feet (61 meters) line of site
    Rain Settings: 1/8"- 1" (3mm - 25mm)
    Freeze Set Point: 37° F +/-2° (3° C +/-1°)
    Average Battery Life: Two years
    Battery Type: Two CR2032 3V cells
    LED Status Lights: Low battery, active sensor and sensor override
    Relay Contacts Output: Normally Open and Normally Closed [email protected]
    Operating Temperatures: 12° F (-10° C) to 140° F (60&degC)
    Transmitter Switch: Rain Only, Rain/Freeze and Sensor off
    Mounting Brackets: Gutter mount and flat surface mount
    Warranty: Manufacturer six (6) year limited

  • 4 Reviews

    worth the $$ Review by simon
    worth the $$

    had this for about 5 years now, overall very satisfied. orbit's customer service was good and they replaced the outside sensor since it was under warranty. wish the plastic outside sensor would be more durable. since it has been out in the sun for the past 5 years, the plastic became brittle and will break into pieces. hence making the expandable cork sensor useless.
    I believe i only had to change the batteries once in the 5 years time, so that is reasonable.

    Posted on 8/14/2015

    Review of 31258 Review by JOE
    Review of 31258

    Everything works as advertised. However, waiting one month for it to be delivered is a little excessive.

    Posted on 7/14/2011

    Review of 31258 Review by LEONARD
    Review of 31258

    Wireless part works well. Still tuning for my area. The USA is divided into different plant based regions based upon weather patterns. It would be nice if settings were recommended based upon this. Anyways, happy with this product so far but it will take me a season to know how useful it really is.

    Posted on 4/24/2010

    Review of 31258 Review by MATTHEW
    Review of 31258

    Easy to install, easy to setup. Wireless works anywhere and it was up and running in about 5 minutes.

    Posted on 10/28/2009

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