Orbit 67330 DripMaster 1/4 Inch x 50 Foot Porous Soaker Tubing

Flexible Soaker Tube for A Variety of Watering Needs
  • Ideal for watering vegetables and closely spaced plants
  • Waters 0.25 GPH every 5 feet at 25 PSI
  • A single 1/4" Soaker line should not exceed 15'



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  • Whether for conservation reasons or to meet the specific needs of varied garden plants, drip irrigation gives you the option to precisely control where your irrigation goes and how much water plants receive. Orbit's DripMaster system allows you to install a completely custom drip irrigation setup using a variety of components, from different sizes of tubing to drippers with precise flow rates.

    A simple drip system is comprised of a connection to your water supply (either a faucet adapter or sprinkler riser manifold), a length of tubing, and a dispersion system (drippers, sprinklers, etc.). These can be augmented for your unique application with stakes, connectors, and valves. From a single drip line supplying a flowerbed to a setup that covers your entire garden, you can build a system of almost any complexity using the array of components in the DripMaster Line.

    Soaker tubing allows water to slowly percolate throughout its length, eliminating the need for bubblers or drippers for watering flowerbeds, closely planted areas, potted plants, and vegetable gardens. Watering with this tube provides full length, slow and steady flow. This 50 foot length of tube can be cut to provide a number of smaller tubes to meet your needs.

    Don't forget the end plugs to seal off your tubes!
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    Review of 31005 Review by MAURICE
    Review of 31005

    terrible... pretty much unusable. many defects, tiny holes or slits every foot or two, sprays streams of water. Orbit told me I needed a pressure limiter. Bought one, installed it, still the same. CRAP.

    Posted on 8/24/2011

    Review of 31005 Review by KATHRYN
    Review of 31005

    Exactly as advertized.

    Posted on 4/6/2011

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