Optex FX-40D Premium Passive Infrared Detector

Optex FX-40D Premium Passive Infrared Detector

Stable, Secure Performance in a Feature-Filled Sensor
  • Patented multi-focus optics maintain sensitivity throughout detection area
  • Sealed optics prevent false alarms
  • High-density detection zones eliminate vertical adjustment
  • Wide angle and long range sensing options
  • Temperature compensation circuit increases detection capability under high temperature conditions



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  • The Optex FX-40D's Multi-Focus Optics, Spherical Lens Design and superior optical technology provide precise detection capability, durability, and unbeatable performance. Optex's unique sensors satisfy your everyday needs - simplified installation combined with small innovations like easy wire knockouts and invaluable wiring guide convenience.

    Optex's patented multi-focus optics maintain sensitivity throughout the entire detection area, even in high temperature or low contrast environments. Sealed optics prevent drafts and small insects from infiltrating the unit and triggering the pyroelectric unit to create a false alarm.

    Patented Multi-Focus Optics
    The highly accurate and reliable detection pattern will maintain its sensitivity throughout the entire detection area even in high temperature or low contrast environments. Multi-Focus Optics create an extremely high vertical zone density, two or three times the size of conventional PIRs. These taller zones capture the entire body mass and enable detection of even the smallest temperature contrast against the temperature of the background. In addition, the vertical detection density has been improved to take into account dead zones created by furniture or partitions.

    Look Down Zone
    The Look Down Zone creates greatly improved vertical sensitivity.

    Sealed Optics
    Prevents drafts and small insects from getting on to the pyroelectric element. This practically eliminates the chance of false alarm due to these causes since the pyro is sealed with the inside molding of the housing cover.

    False Alarm Protection
    • RFI Protection: No alarm at 20V/m from 100MHz to 1GHz
    • Temperature Protection: No alarm during temperature changes from 20° to 50° C (4° to 122° F)
    Spherical Lens Design
    Conventional flat lenses inevitably create sensitivity distortion problems when they are bent to fit a curved housing. Optex's spherically designed lens will obtain sharp detection because no bending is required.

    ECO Technology (Environmental Compensation from OPTEX)
    The FX-40 series features "ECO technology". This technology is designed to increase the sensor's resistance to all kinds of environmental disturbances. Logic built into the chip allows the sensor to recognize, discriminate and adjust for
    temperature changes within the sensor's environment. This technology also makes the unit less susceptible to false alarms due to RFI disturbances.

    Temperature Compensation Circuit
    The Temperature Compensation Circuit will increase detection capability under high temperature conditions where the background temperature is similar to that of the human body. It maintains a high level of false alarm protection while providing accurate detection by automatically adjusting its sensitivity according to the
    environmental temperature.
  • Detection Method: PIR
    Coverage: 40 feet x 40 feet, 85° wide
    Optional Lens / Detection range: FL-60N, 60 feet x 60 feet
    Detection Zones: Wide, 72
    Detection Zones 2: Long, 20
    Mounting Height: 5 - 8 feet
    Wall Mount Bracket: FA-3
    Ceiling Mount Bracket: FA-3
    Pulse Count: 2 / 4
    Power Input: 9.5 - 16V DC
    Alarm Output: N.C. 28V DC 0.2A max.
    Operating Temperature: -4° to +122° F
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