Optex AX-100TF Outdoor Photoelectric Sensor, 100 Foot Range

Stable Detection, Even in Severe Environmental Conditions
  • Weatherproof housing keeps water, insects and dirt out
  • Fully adjustable to meet your application
  • Anti-frost convex visor design protects from effect of frost and dew
  • Environmental disqualification circuit helps eliminate false alarms from birds, falling leaves, etc.
  • Selectable beam frequencies to avoid unwanted crosstalk when using multiple units



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  • The Optex AX-100TF provides exceptional detection in a housing designed to meet extreme conditions. The ideal optical pitch design reduces false alarms due to accidental beam interruption by falling leaves, birds, and other natural phenomena. These features deliver performance with higher reliability in severe outdoor environmental conditions. The unit's selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid unwanted crosstalk that can occur when using multiple photobeams over long distances or for beam stacking applications.

    The AX-100TF features the highly durable IP65 casing, which prevents water, dust or bugs from getting into the unit. An anti-frost hood prevents frost forming on lower beams. The cover's flat front makes maintenance and cleaning easy.

    For a beam unit to go with the AX-100TF, please see the Optex AX-100Plus.

    Also available in 200 foot range.

    IP65 Structure with High Sealing Rubber Packing
    Rubber packing is used for all conceivable points where water or dust may penetrate, such as wiring holes, wire ports and the outer chassis. Protection from dust, bugs and water delivers performance with higher reliability against false alarms
    and breakdowns.

    Lightning Protection
    An improved Electro-Magnetic Interference surge absorber and high surge resistive relay has been installed to protect from lightning surges and maintain stable operation.

    Easy Angle Adjustment
    Allows fine adjustments to be performed easily (Horizontally 9°0° by hand, vertically 5°° with screwdriver)

    A.G.C. (Automatic Gain Control) Circuit
    A.G.C. circuit continually monitors for gradual changes in the signal's strength caused by changing weather conditions. It adjusts the sensitivity accordingly to maintain the proper signal level for the current environmental conditions.

    99% Beam Blocking Stability
    Enables stable operation with as much as 99% loss of beam energy caused by heavy rain, dust storms, fog or snow.

    Adjustable Beam Interruption Period
    The beam interruption time can be adjusted to fit any application. For example, when protecting a wall or fence, a longer interruption time will catch intruders.
  • Detection Method: AIR
    Detection Range Outdoor: 100 feet (30m)
    Beam: Twin
    Beam Characteristics: Pulsed infrared
    Beam Blocking Ratio: 0.99
    Interruption Period: 50 - 500msec
    Mounting: Wall/Pole
    Alignment Angle: +/- 90° horizontal
    Alignment Angle 2: +/- 5° vertical
    LED Indicator: 4 steps
    Lightning Protection: 14kV
    Power Input: 10.5 - 28V DC
    Current Consumption: 44mA max 48mA max
    Alarm Output: Form C
    Optional Heating Unit: HU-3 (available separately)
    IP Rating: IP65
    Operating Temperature: -30° F - +140° F (-35° C - +60° C)
    Operating Humidity: 95% max
    Dimensions: (W x H x D) 2.6 x 6.7 x 2.7 inches (65 x 170 x 69.5mm)
    Coverage: 100 feet
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