Oplink Security TripleShield Wireless Security System


Oplink Security TripleShield Wireless Security System

Expandable DIY Home Security System Provides 24/7 Alerts and Access via Mobile App
  • Plug-and-play wireless security system
  • Expandable system up to 8 cameras and unlimited sensors
  • 24/7 email and push notification alerts
  • Mobile app available for iOS, Android and Microsoft
  • IP cameras record 5-second pre and 25-second post video if event occurs
  • Multi-user access + emergency contacts can receive alerts
  • Digital Trends "Best of CES 2014 Finalist"
  • Free basic security service to start your system*


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  • Home security doesn't need to be difficult and with the Oplink Security CMPOPG2201OPL1 TripleShield Security System it isn't. This DIY security system is ideal for first time security system users, long time users, people that move frequently, big homes, small homes, apartments, you name it. The TripleShield system is made up of a cloud-based hub or Oplink Processing Unit (OPU), two IP cameras, two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, emergency siren, and two keyfob remotes. The plug-and-play setup of this wireless security system removes difficult port-forwarding from the IP camera setup and allows for the system to be up and running in a matter of minutes depending upon the difficulty in placement of where you want each sensor and camera installed. Once setup and activated you can now receive 24/7 email and push notification alerts, access live viewing and arm/disarm the system all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. The Oplink Security mobile app is available for iOS in the iTunes App Store, Android in the Google Play Store and Microsoft in the Windows Phone Store. The app allows for multi-tiered control providing system access to up to five authorized users as well as the ability to program in up to 5 emergency contacts. Additionally through the mobile app you can take advantage of multi-camera viewing and should an event occur the IP cameras will record video clip consisting of 5-seconds prior to the event up to 25-seconds after the event. This unique feature gives you a snapshot into what has taken place so that you can determine if action is needed. In the event action is needed you now also have video evidence that can be used. The wireless TripleShield Security System is also designed to grow with you as your needs change; it is capable of handling up to eight Oplink IP cameras and an unlimited number of sensors.

    Note: This security system is only compatible with Oplink Security sensors and cameras.

    *Service Plan*: The TripleShield Security System comes with a free basic service plan for operation, with additional and more advanced security service plans available at a monthly rate.

      The free basic service includes:
    • • 24/7 e-mail notification with event snapshot
    • • In-App real time video monitoring
    • • In-App remote arm/stay/disarm
    • • In-App automation control
    • • In-App multiple systems/locations control for one owner
    • • One year warranty

      The advanced/premier service includes:
    • • 24/7 unlimited, real-time viewing of video for owner and 5 authorized users
    • • Owner can view 30 second video clips from his event details when an event is triggered and cameras start to record
    • • Group In-App audio siren, video alarm, alerts, and monitoring. Push notifications are sent directly to the smartphone
    • • In-App remote Arm/Disarm/Stay mode control by owner
    • • Automation power-plug control by owner
    • • Lifetime warranty as long as you have continual Power Service

    Oplink Processing Unit (OPU) / Hub
    • This intelligent hub is the brain of the security system. Connect it to your home router with the included Ethernet cable and let it go to work. The OPU wirelessly communicates with your connected IP cameras and security sensors and relays their data on to the Oplink Cloud. You can now access the Oplink Cloud 24/7 from anywhere in the world (internet signal required) through the Oplink app on your mobile iOS device (iPhone/iPad), Android device (smartphone/tablet), or Windows Phone.

    • IP Camera
    • The Oplink IP Camera lets you monitor your home 24/7 as it features IR LEDs to give it night vision capability and a built-in microphone so you can not only see but also hear what's going on. The IP camera is capable of sensing break-ins and intruders and when it does it goes into an auto-record mode helping to ensure you have video evidence if needed. Oplink IP Cameras can be remotely viewed from the Oplink mobile app either individually or in a multi-location mode that shows multiple feeds on a single screen. The camera is powered by an AC/DC power adapter that plugs into a standard household AC power outlet.

    • Door/Window Sensor
    • Oplink Door and Window Sensors are you front-line of defense against potential intruders when your system is armed. Install these sensors on doors and windows (or nearly anything else that opens and closes) throughout your home to be instantly alerted in the event magnetic contact between the sensor and magnet are broken. How does it fend off intruders? Upon broken magnetic contact the sensor will communicate the distress directly to the OPU which will then trigger the Emergency Siren which will emit a 110 dB alarm guaranteed to alert anyone in the home as well as anyone in the nearby vicinity that there is an issue. Additionally, you will also receive an alert to through the mobile app of the triggered sensor and its location. These sensors can also be custom managed by authorized users through the app. Each sensor is battery powered (included) and can be easily mounted just about anywhere using double-sided tape (included).

    • Motion Sensor
    • The Oplink Motion Sensor acts as an additional set of monitoring eyes throughout your home. It will look for unexpected movement from up to 40 feet away within a viewing angle up to 120° and if detected, alert you to the event. The Motion Sensor is battery powered (included) and mounts to just about any surface quickly and easily using double-sided tape (included).

    • Emergency Siren
    • An Oplink Emergency Siren is the piercing voice of the security system as it lets intruders know they've been caught and alerts anyone in the nearby area that something has happened to trigger the siren. The siren emits a blaring 110 dB alarm when a sensor is triggered and can be installed up to 90 feet from the OPU. The Emergency Siren is powered by an AC power adapter.

    • Keyfob Remote Control
    • Each Oplink Keyfob Remote has a working range up to 30 feet from the OPU, or hub. The remote is simple in that it allows for quick arming and disarming of the security system with the push of a button and will even let you activate the alarm making it a great solution as a panic button for elderly. The Keyfob Remote is ideal for houseguests or family members that you do not want to grant remote access to or for family members that might not have a smartphone or ability to access the app. Each remote is powered by a coin cell battery which is included and already installed in the keyfob.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Oplink Communications Inc
    Manufacturer Product No. CMPOPG2201OPL1
    UPC 6957576290080
    Wireless Yes
    Communication Wi-Fi
    Communication Range Up to 300 feet in open space (passing through walls and other objects will cause this to drop)
    Expandable? Sensors: unlimited
    Cameras: 8 per OPU
    Compatibility Oplink Security sensors and cameras only
    App Compatibility iOS, Android and Windows Phone
    App Access 24/7 (internet signal required) for up to 5 authorized users
    Emergency contacts can be added for purposes of receiving alerts
    System Alerts Delivered to user(s) via email and/or push notification
    Oplink Processing Unit (OPU)
    Power AC/DC adapter
    Communication Ethernet connection to Wi-Fi router
    Wall Mount / Free Standing Both
    Color White
    IP Camera
    Power AC/DC adapter
    Port Forwarding No
    Max Cameras 8 per hub/OPU
    Auto-Record Yes if event is sensed
    Night Vision Yes
    Pan/Tilt No
    Microphone Yes
    Remote Monitoring Yes through the App
    Wall Mount / Free Standing Free Standing
    Color White
    Door / Window Sensor
    Power CR123A battery
    Placement Objects that open and close (door, window, etc)
    Wall Mount / Free Standing Wall Mount
    Mounting Double-sided tape
    Color White
    Motion Sensor
    Power CR123A 3V
    Range Up to 40 feet
    Angle Up to 120°
    Wall Mount / Free Standing Wall Mount
    Mounting Double-sided tape
    Color White
    Emergency Siren
    Power AC/DC adapter
    Decibels 110
    Wall Mount / Free Standing Both (wall mount recommended)
    Mounting Screws
    Alert Siren and flashing red LED
    Range Up to 90 feet from OPU
    Color White
    Remote Keyfob
    Power Coin cell battery
    Buttons 2
    Features Arm/Disarm/Panic
    Range Up to 30 feet from OPU
    Color White

    Service Plan Comparison
    Service AlarmShield TripleShield
    Remote Arming and Disarming Yes Yes
    24/7 Email, Push and Audio Notification Yes Yes
    Additional Emergency Contacts to Receive Intrusion Alert Yes Yes
    Access Event History up to 7 Days Text only Text and Video
    Live Video Streaming and Recording on Smartphone No Yes
    Video Recording Based on Alerts No Yes
    Share Recorded Videos via VideoGram with Friends, Family or Authorities No Yes
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    • 1x - Oplink Hub
    • 1x - Hub Power Adapter
    • 2x - IP Camera
    • 2x - IP Camera Power Adapter
    • 2x - Door/Window Sensor
    • 2x - Battery for Door/Window Sensor
    • 1x - Motion Sensor
    • 1x - Battery for Motion Sensor
    • 1x - Siren
    • 1x - Siren Power Adapter
    • 2x - Keyfob Remote Control
    • 1x - Flash Drive, 16GB
    • 1x - Ethernet Cable
    • 8x - Double Sided Tape
    • 10x - Mounting Screw
    • 10x - Screw Anchor
    • 3x - Window Decal
    • 1x - Owner's Manual/Setup Guide
    • 1x - App Feature Guide

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