OnQ IC1400-WH Inquire 1000 Four Location Cat. 5 Intercom Kit, White

OnQ IC1400-WH Inquire 1000 Four Location Cat. 5 Intercom Kit, White

Expandable Cat. 5 Intercom Starter Kit Provides Whole-Home Communications
  • Starter kit contains a main console intercom and three room intercom units
  • Efficient Cat 5 installation with convenient RJ45 connections
  • Separate microphone and high-performance speaker in each unit
  • Compatible with standard Decora-style 2-gang and 3-gang wall plates
  • Includes door and gate release support
  • Expandable up to 12 room or patio units per system and easily integrates with lyriQ Audio System



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  • Intercom systems are an excellent way to communicate throughout your home and property. However, they've long been reputed as costly to install and expand. The On-Q / Legrand Inquire 1000 Four Location Cat. 5 Intercom Kit is an expandable broadcast intercom system that will allow you to talk from any unit to all others in the home. The Kit includes the Cat. 5 Intercom Module serves as the central hub for the Main Console Unit and three Indoor Room Units. A Door Chime is also included so that every connected room in the house will receive a personal alert when a visitor arrives. The connections to each from the Intercom Module to each console made via a single cat. 5 cable (sold separately). Each console fits in the included Decora-style wall plate and has a built-in microphone and high performance speaker, with the option using the included door and gate release. The system isn't limited to what's included either, you can install additional indoor room or patio units for a total of 12 consoles; you can even integrate it with a lyriQ Audio System. This kit has everything you need to get started with a whole home intercom system.

    Convenient Communication
    The main console includes hands-free reply capabilities, while all room units feature mute and monitor functions to enable easy, reliable communication throughout the home. Monitor multiple rooms from any unit, or use the "do not disturb" function to mute specific rooms. The main console also has built-in LEDs that show unit status including in-use, mute, and monitor. A dedicated door-release button and a dedicated talk hands-free button are also included. The Main Console Unit is installed in a standard 3-gang box and is trimmed out with a standard 3-gang decorator wall plate.

    The Cat. 5 Intercom Module and Main Console Unit are the central components of the Greyfox Intercom System, which will support up to 12 indoor locations, up to three door locations, and one main location. Additional Indoor Room Units and Door Units are sold separately.

    Each Cat. 5 Intercom Room Unit provides hands-free intercom communication, monitoring, and mute in any room. The Room Unit offers local control of mute and monitor functions. The mute button ensures privacy when needed, while the monitor function comes in handy for families with sleeping children. Calls from the Main Console can be answered hands-free, so you won't need to dash across the room when you're being summoned. You can even answer the door from any Room Unit. Additional features include 64-step volume control and a separate microphone and speaker. The high-quality speaker and microphone provide superior sound quality.

    The cat. 5 Intercom Door Chime enables the system to play an audible doorbell tone when a visitor pushes the doorbell button on the Door Unit. Separately note sequences for each door in the system can play with CD-quality sound reproduction. The Door Chime provides one-, two-, and three-tone chime options. Installation is performed by plugging the Door Chime board into the Door Chime socket on the back of the Intercom Module and securing two hex nuts (included).

    The Four Location Cat. 5 Intercom Kit also interfaces with telephone, audio, and camera monitoring systems. For instance, if you have cat. 5 security cameras installed, you can view real-time video using a 3.5-Inch LCD/Flat Panel Color Display.

    Efficient Installation
    Built on cat. 5 cabling, the Inquire 1000 Four Location Cat. 5 Intercom Kit includes easy installation features such as convenient RJ-45 connections.

    Easy Integration
    The Broadcast System is designed to work with the lyriQ Audio System (sold separately) in the Classic Design. Just include an Audio Interrupt Module (sold separately) in your structured wiring enclosure (sold separately) to mute whole house music during an intercom page.

    Complete List of What's Included
    • The Main Console box includes:
      • IC1000 Intercom Module
      • Metal mounting bracket
      • Main console unit
      • White Decora Triple-gang Wall Plate
      • Eight (8) Screws (1/8" long)
      • Four (4) Screws (3/4" long)
      • Owner's Manual
      • Installation Manual
      • Sheet of self-adhesive labels
    • The Indoor Room Unit boxes include:
      • Intercom room unit (fits into a double-gang box)
      • White Decora Double-gang Wall Plate
      • Four (4) Screws (1/8" long)
      • Four (4) Screws (3/4" long)
      • Instruction/Installation Manual
    • The Door Chime module box includes:
      • Door chime circuit board insert for On-Q intercom module
      • Two (2) Star lock washers
      • Two (2) Hex nuts
      • Instruction/Installation Manual
    • The Power Supply box includes:
      • Power supply

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: On-Q / Legrand
    Manufacturer Product No.: IC1400-WH
    UPC: 0804428023647
    Dimensions: Main Console: 5.270" W x 4.187" H x 1.825" D
    Intercom Module: In bracket: 6.411" W x 5.790" H x 2.328" D
    Intercom Room Unit: 3.456" W x 4.187" H x 1.825" D
    Door Chime: 3.473" W x 1.525" H x 0.293" D
    Power Supply: 2.115" W x 4.360" H x 1.257 D (1.923" D with plugs)
    Power Supply: DC Output: 12V/1.5A
    Power Supply Cord Length: Approximately 74"
    Minimum Cable Rating: Category 5 (cat. 5) UTP, 4 pair solid conductors (24 AWG)
    100 ohm, 100 Mhz, General Purpose (CM), UL listed Maximum length
    per run: 325 feet
    Termination Standard: T568A
    Terminating Plug Type: Solid Conductor RJ45 (where necessary)
    Terminating Block Type: 11 O-style IDC (where available)
    Certifications: FCC
    Warranty: Manufacturer one (1) year limited

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    • Main console
    • Three (3) indoor room units
    • Intercom module
    • Door chime
    • Power supply
    • Mounting hardware for each unit
    • Owner's manual

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