OnQ IC1002-WH Cat. 5 Intercom Module, Main Console - White

Easily Install an Intercom System Through a Greyfox Structured Wiring Enclosure
  • Broadcast system — talk from any unit to all others
  • Convenient LED lights show all room activity: mute, monitor or in-use
  • Interfaces with telephone, audio & camera monitoring systems for added features



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  • Intercom systems are an excellent way to communicate with your family, eliminating the need to raise your voice. However, they've long been reputed as costly to install and expand. Luckily, if you have a Greyfox structured wiring distribution system in place or are in the process of installing one, there's no need to run new cables or wires in order to establish an intercom system in your home. The Greyfox Intercom System is an expandable broadcast system that will allow you to talk from any unit to all others in the home. This kit includes the Cat. 5 Intercom Module that installs in and integrates with any Greyfox enclosure (sold separately) and serves as the central hub for the system, along with the Main Console Unit, which features status LED indicators to alert you when other units in the home are in use.

    The Cat. 5 Intercom Module and Main Console Unit are the central components of the Greyfox Intercom System, which will support up to 12 indoor locations, up to three door locations, and one main location. Each indoor location requires a Room Unit; each door to be connected requires a Door Unit (units sold separately). Connect a Door Chime to the Intercom Module, and its three different tones will allow you to differentiate among doorbells from each of the Door Modules connected to your system.

    In addition to standard system features like Talk, Door, and volume control, the 3-gang Main Console Unit features LED status indicators, which show such system activity as mute, monitor, or in-use. Additional features include a dedicated door-release button and a dedicated talk hands-free button. The Main Console Unit is installed in a standard 3-gang box and is trimmed out with a standard 3-gang decorator wallplate.

    Greyfox Cat. 5 Intercom Systems require an external power supply, sold separately. For systems consisting of nine combined consoles or more will require the 12-Volt 2.5-Amp Power Supply.

    If your audio system is also connected to your Greyfox structured wiring enclosure, you can interrupt the audio whenever someone pages over the intercom system or even when someone rings the doorbell by installing the Cat. 5 Intercom Audio Interrupt Module (sold separately).

  • Specifications

    Greyfox Product No.: IC1002-WH
    UPC: 871744102004
    Dimensions: Intercom module: 4.88" H X 4.27" W X 1.38" D (with Door Chime installed); main console unit: 4.06" H X 5.30" W X 1.52" D (without decorator plate)
    Power Requirements: 12V DC 1.5A (for systems with less than 9 of any combination of Room Units or Door Units); 12V DC 2.5A (for systems with 9 or more of any combination of Room Units or Door Units)
    System Capacity: 12 room units (11 if a third door unit is used); 1 main console, 3 door units
    Minimum Cable Rating: Category 5 UTP, 4 pair solid conductors (24 AWG), 100 ohm, 100 Mhz, general purpose (CM)
    Maximum Length Per Run: 325 feet
    Termination Standard: T568A
    Terminating Plug Type: Solid conductor RJ45
    Terminating Block Type: 110-style IDC
    Installation Method: Intercom module installs in an enclosure double bay space or bracket; main console unit installs in a standard 3-gang box
    Approvals: UL listed
    Warranty: 1 year, limited

  • 2 Reviews

    Review of 29071 Review by Joseph
    Review of 29071

    Easy to install, and worked well in general. Placing units in the same wall, such as upstairs and and downstairs, caused a great deal of feedback. It is very important to consider placement in homes with open layouts to prevent this.

    Posted on 7/15/2010

    Review of 29071 Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 29071

    For the price, it could have more features. For example the ability to contact one specific Intercom unit as opposed to broadcasting on ALL of the units. The hands free option is nice and we use that all the time in our system. Also, you would think that at least the lower level power supply would be included... Otherwise it functions very well as a general use intercom control center.

    Posted on 8/29/2007

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    • Intercom Module
    • Mounting pins and rivets
    • Main Console
    • Trim plate
    • Mounting hardware
    • EMI suppressor
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