NuVo Technologies NV-RVM  Renovia Powerline Hub with Built-In Tuner

NuVo Technologies NV-RVM Renovia Powerline Hub with Built-In Tuner

Powerline Hub with Dual Sirius-Ready/AM/FM Built-in Tuner
  • Whole Home Audio in up to 8 different rooms
  • Reliable retrofit solution using Homeplug 1.0
  • Fast and easy installation with no home run wiring
  • Wide range of control options
  • 50 Watts of power per zone
  • Two AM/FM SIRIUS-Ready tuners built-in
  • Six audio source outputs



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  • The Renovia Powerline Hub is the source hub for the Renovia Retrofit Whole Home Audio Distribution System. It is designed with a built-in Dual Sirius-Ready/AM/FM Tuner. It can accommodate up to 8 zones. This hub is packaged complete with NuVo's Active AM/FM Antenna, 2 meter antenna cable, four 3 foot 3.5mm Mini to RCA stereo audio cables, 4 IR emitters, power cable, and rack ear mounts.

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    NuVo's retrofit solution is the ultimate in flexibility and audio freedom. Combining reliable technology with an unprecedented simplicity, Renovia is a whole home audio system that promises sophisticated sound incorporated almost invisibly into a home's architecture, without a disruptive installation.

    Using the home's existing power lines to distribute audio to up to 8 zones, each Renovia system is comprised of a Source Hub and an unobtrusive in-wall Zone Amplifier for each intended zone. The Source Hub, complete with a built-in dual AM/FM/SIRIUS-Ready tuner, centralizes the system's six audio sources and can be easily stored out of sight.

    The system works seamlessly with an extensive selection of sources, including legacy devices and NuVo's Music Port for access to a whole world of music, as well as Renovia's own NuVoDock for iPod. Managing the system from a variety of NuVo's attractive control options is intuitive and uncomplicated.

    With Renovia, experience music anywhere in your home, any way that you want.

    NV-RVM Main Main Source Hub Front Panel Features

    * Power Button: This button activates the internal circuitry of the Main Main Source Hub. The NV-RVM is designed to be left in the On position. It will remain in standby when not in use. Switch off when leaving the system unused for long periods of time, such as vacation periods, in order to avoid unnecessary power drain.
    * Standby LED: This red LED (light emitting diode), will remain lit when the NV-RVM is powered on and no zones are in use.
    * Audio Stream LED: This blue LED is a diagnostic tool. It will light while audio is streaming from the NV-RVM to any active zones.
    * Control TX LED: This green LED is a diagnostic tool indicating the transmission of control messaging from the NVRVM to any active zones.
    * Control RX LED: Like the Control TX LED, this yellow LED is intended as a diagnostic that will light when control messaging is being received from an active zone.
    * NuVoNet Port: This RJ45 port supports bidirectional communication between the NuVo source components, optional Hub-connected zone Control Pad(s,) and the NV-RVM . The front panel connection is intended to be used for temporary connection of NuVoNet devices during installation and maintenance operations. Permanent connections are located on the back panel.
    * USB: The NV-RVM completed system configuration is downloaded from a computer running the Renovia Configurator software to the Main Source Hub using a USB cable and this jack. In this same operation, firmware updates for all NuVo system components, including connected NuVo source components, are also delivered via this USB port.

    NV-RVM Main Source Hub Back Panel Features

    * System On: This mono 3.5 mm voltage output is designed to emit 5 volts (no-load) when a zone is turned on.
    * IR Outputs: This IR (infrared) section is used to output IR commands sent by the Hub processor in response to button push events on zone Control Pads. The command signals drive IR emitters connected to these outputs, which output IR commands to non-NuVoNet components. The Renovia Configurator software can be used to design specific macro preset choices available from the Control Pad menu, see Section 4.4 Using the Configurator Software, Macros. The Renovia System will not repeat manufacturer's remote commands from a Zone location to the Hub across the Powerline.
    * Mute/Page: The Mute input is a trigger that will respond to the MI1 Mute Interrupt accessory to mute the system for the phone or doorbell, or it can be set to respond to a phone paging system to trigger and amplify an externally-sourced whole house page or doorbell chime signal.
    * RS232: This port allows an optional DB9 connection for bidirectional system control from a third party home automation system.
    * NuVoNet: Three RJ45 connections are provided to allow communication with the NuVoNet source components via a CAT5 wire.
    * Antenna: The NV-RVM Main Source Hub has two built-in AM/FM tuners. These default as sources 1 and 2. This coaxial connection is designed to receive both the AM and FM signals remotely from the included NV-T2FAA active AM/FM antenna.
    * Source Inputs: These six stereo 3.5 mm inputs will receive the audio signal from any attached source. All six can be either NuVoNet or third party IR controlled components. Sources plugged into the 1 & 2 audio inputs will automatically override the internal AM/FM tuners. A connection to source inputs 3 and 4 will be overridden if a Renovia NuVoDock for iPod is connected to the corresponding inputs (see item 9). Any of the sources 3-6 for which no connection is made (3.5 mm inputs or iPod input) will automatically be disabled for user selection.
    * SIRIUS Inputs: The source 1 and 2 AM/FM tuners can also receive SIRIUS Satellite Radio when a SIRIUS tuner device such TM as the NV-SCH1 SiriusConnect Module is plugged into this jack with the included 8 pin cable. Note that SIRIUS reception requires an appropriate antenna, see Section 2.2.2, Adding the NV-SCHS or other Sirius Connect tuner devices.
    * iPod Inputs: iPod inputs 3 and 4 are designed to interface with the Renovia NuVoDock for iPod. A single 9-pin connection automatically provides full metadata and audio to each of the Renovia zones when an iPod is seated in the NuVoDock.
    * Aux. Out: Renovia has an optional Zone 16 preamp lineout with fixed output level. This 3.5 mm stereo output serves as an additional zone output for a home theater receiver, or a zone specific stereo receiver. Source selection to this output is accomplished with a Control Pad programmed to address 16 (a virtual zone address assignment). Volume adjustments on this Control Pad will have no effect on the output volume, making this output ideally suited to drive an external stereo receiver.
    * AC Power: The NV-RVM AC power cord serves a dual purpose. As with any audio component, it provides power for operation, but it also supports the powerline network connection to each of the audio zones for both the audio signal and source metadata.
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