NuVo Technologies NV-RVFIL Renovia Home Plug Filter

NuVo Technologies NV-RVFIL Renovia Home Plug Filter

Filters Line Noise for the Renovia System
  • Helps isolate electrical interference
  • Easy to use


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  • The Renovia Noise Filter is a useful accessory for isolating electrical interference from the HomePlug signal. This is often necessary with an external MOV type power surge device plugged into the same outlet as the Main Source Hub. Although it is unlikely, you may encounter a particularly noisy appliance who's interference is easily corrected by simply plugging into the Noise Filter and then into the desired outlet.

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    Six Sound Sources, Up to Eight Listening Zones

    NuVo's retrofit solution is the ultimate in flexibility and audio freedom. Combining reliable technology with an unprecedented simplicity, Renovia is a whole home audio system that promises sophisticated sound incorporated almost invisibly into a home's architecture, without a disruptive installation.

    Using the home's existing power lines to distribute audio to up to 8 zones, each Renovia system is comprised of a Source Hub and an unobtrusive in-wall Zone Amplifier for each intended zone. The Source Hub, complete with a built-in dual AM/FM/SIRIUS-Ready tuner, centralizes the system's six audio sources and can be easily stored out of sight.

    The system works seamlessly with an extensive selection of sources, including legacy devices and NuVo's Music Port for access to a whole world of music, as well as Renovia's own NuVoDock for iPod. Managing the system from a variety of NuVo's attractive control options is intuitive and uncomplicated.

    With Renovia, experience music anywhere in your home, any way that you want.
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