NuVo Technologies NV-MPS4 Music Port

NuVo Technologies NV-MPS4 Music Port

Access All of your Digital Music Media from a Single Source
  • Easy network connectivity and setup
  • All available digital information populates on Control Pad
  • Desktop interface for control from any networked computer
  • Auto sync with networked PC


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  • Today, your music is everywhere iTunes on the desktop, Windows MediaPlayer on your laptop, and all day long you stream Internet Radio from Pandora, RadioTime, XM and others. Now you can make all these digital libraries available to your whole home audio system, and easily manage them through a single source with the NuVo Music Port. From any Control Pad in your home, select music from any of your networked digital libraries. It's basically whatever source you want it to be. What could be more flexible?The NV-NV-MPS4, or Music Port, is designed to fully communicate with the NuVo Essentia, Grand Concerto and enovia. Distributed Audio Systems through its NuVoNet communication protocol. Properly installing the Music Port as a source component will provide full browsing to all of your personal music (both through iTunes and Media Player) as well as online Internet radio.

    Whether across the Web or from its internal 320 GB hard drive, the Music Port gives you full metadata feedback from any of the NuVo Control Pads, and when it is controlled through the new NV-CTP36 Touch Pad controller, you will even enjoy full color album art.

    Through the Music Port, its whatever source you want it to be.

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    NV-NV-MPS4 Music Port Front Panel Features
    1. Power: This button supplies power to the Music Port when the unit is plugged into an AC power source and the button is pushed. The associated blue LED will light.
    2. USB Port: This USB port allows the Music Port to see and stream audio content from attached drives. This feature will be available on a future release.
    3. NuVoNet Error LED: The Music Port is designed to communicate via a CAT5 cable to the NuVo Essentia, Grand Concerto, and Renovia Distributed Audio Systems. This red LED is designed to light indicating a lack of communication. With normal communication, it will remain unlit.
    4. LAN Error LED : This red LED will light when there is no Local Area Network signal present at the RJ45 Ethernet port on the Music Port back panel, or when there is an interruption in the LAN signal.
    5. RS232 Error LED: This red LED will light when the Music Port does not detect a serial connection at its DB9 output on the back panel. When a serial connection is present and active, the LED will remain unlit.
    6. HDD Status LED: This green LED will light when the Music Port's hard drive is active.
    7. Source Address LED's: These green LED's 1 - 6 will light indicating the assigned source inputs on the associated NuVo Distributed Audio System.
    8. Reset Button: This recessed button will reset the Music Port's operating system when it is pushed.

    NV-NV-MPS4 Music Port Back Panel Features
    1. USB Ports: Three USB ports allow the Music Port to see and stream audio content from attached drives. This feature will be available in a future release.
    2. Ethernet: This RJ45 port allows the Music Port to connect to the home's network. This enables the music files on the home's network to be shared on the Music Port's hard drive and the streaming of online Pandora, RadioTime, SIRIUS
    and XM Internet radio stations.
    3. Passthrough RS232: The NuVo distributed audio systems are capable of being controlled serially by a third party home automation system. This DB9 input is designed to pass incoming serial commands through to the adjacent RS232 output. This allows both Client interface control from network computers of the attached NuVo audio system, and third party serial control of the same NuVo system.
    4. NuVo RS232 : This DB9 port connects to the attached NuVo distributed audio system. This allows any computer on the home's network to operate the Client interface for control of audio zones, source selection, and access to the music library. It also works with the adjacent Passthrough RS232 port to send control commands from a third party home automation system to the attached NuVo audio system.
    5. NuVoNet: This RJ45 port connects to the attached NuVo distributed audio system and allows full source metadata display and control from the NuVo system Control Pads.
    6. Audio Outputs: The Music Port has four independent stereo RCA audio outputs that allow its audio streaming content and stored music file audio signal to be sent to any audio distribution system or amplifier.
    7. AC Power: A standard detachable IEC power cord supplies power to the NV-NV-MPS4. A switching power supply allows the Music Port to operate worldwide at any voltage.
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