NuVo Technologies NuVo Wireless Control Pad System

NuVo Technologies NuVo Wireless Control Pad System

Experience Wireless Remote Control with an OLED display of your Nuvo Whole-House Audio System


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  • Wireless Control Pad Features
    • Selected Source: A three-character abbreviation of the selected source appears in this portion of the Wireless Control Pad display.
    • OLED Display: The display is multi-line OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). It shows album, artist and track for personal music, and channel and frequency information for broadcast music. In menu mode, the display goes to eight lines of text.
    • Progress Bar: This shows the play status for the selected music and also acts as a volume level indicator.
    • Menu Button: This button gives the user access to their music library and setup options.
    • Up and Down Arrows: These are used to scroll up and down through the menus and control volume up and down in normal play mode.
    • Power Button: This turns the Wireless Control Pad on and off.
    • Time and Battery Display: This reflects the current time as set up in the NuVo Grand Concerto System. Note that it is a Grand Concerto-only function. It also indicates the current battery charge level.
    • Zone Button: When this button is pushed, a list of available listening zones is listed on the display. The user can change zone control by moving the highlight to the desired zone and pressing the OK button.
    • OK button: This button is used to confirm the selection of a menu item, or scroll through the available sources.
    • Forward and Back Arrows: In NuVoNet communication, these buttons will track forward and back or tune up and down. For third-party sources, these are IR - programmable buttons for simple source transport functions. An additional "press and hold" command can also be assigned to this button for additional functionality (IR commands can only be assigned to buttons in the I8G and E6G Configuration software).
    • Play/Pause Button: When using the NuVo Tuners, this button toggles through the Tuner's available broadcast bands, or functions as a simple play/pause toggle for the NuVoNet personal music sources. This is also an IR - programmable button for third party sources. It offers additional "press and hold" functionality (IR commands can only be assigned to buttons in the I8G and E6G Configuration software).
    Basic Source Control
    • Arrow Forward and Arrow Back: These are typically used for moving forward or back by track or preset. When listening to the NuVoNet Music Port or M3 Audio Server as personal music devices, these arrows will move the selection up or down by track when they are tapped. A press and hold goes into fast forward or rewind.
    • Arrow Up and Arrow Down: These buttons serve a dual function. When a source is playing they become volume up and down. When the Menu button is pushed they move the selection highlight up and down through the selected menu.
    • Play/Pause Button: This is used as the standard toggling play/pause function associated with personal music devices when it is used with the NuVoNet Music Port, NuVoDocks for iPod or M3 Audio Server.
    • Power Button: In normal operation, pressing the Power button turns the associated zone off. Pressing and holding the Power button turns all the zones off simultaneously
    Wireless Control Pad Menu Functions
    The Menu button gives access to specific music selection and control for each source as well as zone and system setting capability. When the MENU button is pushed, the display goes to an eight-line screen labeled Main Menu. Making menu choices is done by pressing the Menu button and using the Up or Down arrows to highlight the desired selection. Once the selection is highlighted, press the OK button.
    • Main Menu: There are four Main Menu items that are consistent to all source selections and pertain to general system and zone control. They are Favorites, Sources, Advanced Zone Control and Setup.
    • Setup: The Setup menu is for specific system setup. It consists of several subset menus. The Setup Menu contains installer level control. These are defined as 'Advanced'.
      • Favorites, Zone Settings (Balance, Bass, Treble, Loudness Compensation, Volume Settings and Display Settings)
    • System Settings: This menu option controls system-wide settings
      • Date/Time, 24 Hour Time Display, Power Off Mode, Mute/Off/w/ Menu, and Off/All-Off
    Recharging the Wireless Control Pad
    Recharging the battery occurs when the Wireless Control Pad is placed in the dock. A battery indicator shows the current charge level with four bars indicating a full charge. In continuous operation, battery life is 20 hours. An internal motion sensor will turn off the Wireless Control Pad when it senses no use. In its off position, battery life is 100 hours.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer:Nuvo Technologies
    Manufacturer Product No.:NVWCPS
    Certifications:CE, FCC
    Wireless Control Pad
    Display:1.6" OLED
    Battery:Type: Rechargeable Polymer Lithium-Ion
    Capacity: 1200 mAh
    Battery Life Operating: 20 hours
    Battery Life Standby: 100 hours
    Battery Charge Time: 3 hours
    Connector:4-pin female docking connector
    Dimensions:4.621" H x 2.007" W x 0.717" D (117.386mm H x 50.969mm W x 18.248mm D
    Wireless Control Pad Dock
    External Power Supply:Input: 85-265VAC, 50/60Hz
    Output: 5V DC +/-5%, X Amp Max
    Voltage Input: 85-265VAC, 50/60Hz
    Voltage Output: 5V DC +/- 5%
    Rated Current: X Amp max.
    Connectors:USB Mini-B (power only); 4-pin male docking connector
    Dimensions:1.260" H x 2.756" W x 2.135" D (32mm H x 70mm W x 55mm D
    Wireless Control Pad Coordinator / Repeater
    Maximum Number of Remotes:Five (5)
    Connector:USB mini-B (Power for repeater mode only); NuVoNet RJ45 (required for Coordinator mode)
    Dimensions:4.385" H x 2.754" W x 1.165" D (111.386mm H x 69.962mm W x 29.6mm D)

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  • Wireless control pad
  • Wireless control pad dock
  • Wireless control pad coordinator/repeater
  • Network CAT5 cable, 10 feet
  • Mini-B, USB power supply, North America
  • Owner's manual

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