Nuforce NF-ICON-IDO-BLUE Icon iDo DAC and Headphone Amp - Blue


Nuforce NF-ICON-IDO-BLUE Icon iDo DAC and Headphone Amp - Blue

Expand the Audio Limits of Your Apple® Mobile Digital Device
  • Delivers audiophile-grade CD quality sound to digital music files stored on Apple® mobile devices
  • Bit-perfect, low jitter USB Host Mode operation
  • No sample rate conversion
  • Attractive LED volume indicator
  • Digitally controlled analog volume control provides precise control, accurate channel tracking and superior resolution


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  • Apple products are becoming the hub of a person's entire music and audio collection, so improving the audio quality produced by these devices is key. The Icon iDo from Nuforce converts compressed digital music files that are stored on your Apple mobile device to audiophile grade, CD quality sound. Ideal for music enthusiasts and musicians alike, the iDo extracts audio data in its original digital form (USB Host mode) from your Apple mobile device and delivers bit-perfect, low-jitter, audiophile music file playback through headphones and analog RCA outputs. A separate digital coaxial output is also included on the unit for integrating with high-end audio receivers or to connect a subwoofer.

    The Icon iDo is easy to install and use. By simply attaching the power supply and connecting the unit to a home stereo system using the RCA or single coaxial output, users can enjoy any Apple mobile device's digital music library by connecting the included 30-pin sync/charging cable. Or plug headphones directly into the Icon iDo for personal high quality sound playback in a manner the artist intended it to be heard. The Icon iDo is designed to work with Apple iTunes and iPod software.

    The Icon iDo also offers a built-in headphone amplifier capable of powering power-hungry headsets, giving users a total audio experience. By properly powering headphones, Icon iDo enhances the auditory performance of the headphones because optimal amperage is being delivered to them, allowing for greater audio clarity.

    • iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation)
    • iPod Classic (6th generation, from 2009)
    • iPod Nano (6th generation)
    • iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, and 3G
    • iPad (3rd generation, currently referred to as "New iPad")
    • iPad 2 and iPad

    • Only iOS3 and later versions are supported
    • iOS4.5 - when connecting iDo, the Apple device volume is fixed at maximum and not allowed to be changed on the device
    • iOS5 - when connecting the iDo, the Apple device volume is set to about 30%, but can be changed on the device

    A Digital to Analog Converter, also known as a DAC, is a device that converts a digital code to an analog signal. Most modern audio signals are stored in digital form (for example MP3s and CDs) and in order to be heard through speakers they must be converted into an analog signal. Most digital music players, such as a Smartphone or iPod, and PC sound cards come with internal DACs, although, they are very basic and do not deliver music in high resolution. Nuforce delivers a high quality DAC system with internal amplifier that allows you to play your music in high definition at the volume level that you desire.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Nuforce
    Manufacturer Product No. NF-ICON-IDO-BLUE
    UPC 816924010052
    USB Input
    Maximum Sampling Rate 48kHz
    Resolution 24 Bits
    Analog RCA 2 Vrms
    Digital Output Coaxial RCA, 75&#8486
    Headphone Output 3.5mm full-size headphone output jack drives headphones up to 300&#8486 (12 mW @ 300&#8486)
    Headphone Output Impedance 5&#8486
    Headphone Power Spec 130mW rms @ 16&#8486
    88mW rms @ 30&#8486
    51mW @ 60&#8486
    28mW rms @ 120&#8486
    12mW rms @ 300&#8486
    THD+N 0.01%, 1 kHz, 1.2 Vrms
    IR Remote Receiver Accept iPod remote control IR signals for volume and play back adjustment on iPod
    Frequency Response 10 kHz to 20 kHz (-0.5dB)
    SNR >95dB
    Power Requirement 6.5V, 2.3A, 100 - 240VAC
    Dimensions 6° x 4.5° x 1°
    Weight 1lb
    Color Blue
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    • 1x - Icon iDo DAC and Headphone Amp
    • 1x - Power Supply
    • 1x - Stand
    • 1x - 30-Pin Charging / Syncing USB Cable
    • 1x - Owner's Manual

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