Nuforce DAC-100-Silver Digital Analog Converter and Headphone Amplifier - Silver

Nuforce DAC-100-Silver Digital Analog Converter and Headphone Amplifier - Silver

Audiophile-Grade Digital-to-Analog Converter and Headphone Amplifier
  • Converts digital compressed audio files to a crisp analog signal
  • Volume controls dynamic range avoids any loss of low-level resolution
  • 500-milliwatt single-ended class "A" power headphone amplifier
  • Connect up to four digital sources via it's USB, Toslink, Digital Coaxial, and RCA
  • Control the source input and volume level from the comfort of your couch with the included remote


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  • The DAC-100 from Nuforce is a class-leading DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and headphone amplifier that supports USB and S/PDIF connections and is designed for music fans that are seeking a level of performance that is traditionally found in top grade audiophile equipment. The DAC-100 accepts up to four digital input sources and features a precision digital volume control, a high-power headphone amplifier section with extremely low distortion, a high-resolution analog RCA output stage, and a convenient wireless remote. The DAC-100's digital input stage operates in an asynchronous mode independent of any timing errors associated with the incoming digital audio stream. The input stage synchronizes the data to an internally referenced timing signal generated by an exceptionally stable circuit.

    The powerful headphone amp delivers enough power to drive quality headphones with absolute authority. It provides a full 500-milliwatts Single-Ended Class "A" power, held by many audiophiles to be a headphone amp's purest form of circuit topology. The analog preamp stage is a minimalist design offering a signal path that approaches a straight-wire-with-gain level of performance. Combined with top quality parts and a full 2.0Vrms signal level at the RCA outputs, the preamp section of the DAC-100 ensures that only the purest of analog music signals will ever be presented to your preamplifier.

    The DAC-100 also comes in Black.

    A Digital to Analog Converter, also known as a DAC, is a device that converts a digital code to an analog signal. Most modern audio signals are stored in digital form (for example MP3s and CDs) and in order to be heard through speakers they must be converted into an analog signal. Most digital music players, such as a Smartphone or iPod, and PC sound cards come with internal DACs, although, they are very basic and do not deliver music in high resolution. Nuforce delivers a high quality DAC system with internal amplifier that allows you to play your music in high definition at the volume level that you desire.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Nuforce
    Manufacturer Product No. DAC-100-SILVER
    UPC 816924010496
    Digital Inputs USB, Toslink, RCA x 2, transformer or optical isolated, AC Coupled
    Maximum Bit Depth 24-bit
    Maximum Sample Rate 192kHz
    USB Asynchronous up to 192kHz / 24-bit
    Volume Control 32-bit digital attenuator
    THD+N 0.02, 0dB, 1kHz
    SNR 96dB, 1kHz, A-weighted
    Frequency Response 20-20kHz +/- 0.25dB
    Outputs RCA, 6.3mm headphone output
    Output Voltage 0dB, 1kHz, RCA 2.0Vrms
    Output Impedance RCA, 100&#8486
    Headphone Specifications
    Recommended Headphone Impedance 120-600&#8486
    Output 10.4 Vpp, 3.7 Vrms @ 300-600&#8486
    Current Single-ended, constant current 80mA
    Remote Control Functions Volume, Input Select, Mute, Stand-by
    AC Voltage 100V / 110V / 220V / 230V
    Power Consumption 12-watts
    Dimensions 9" x 8.5" x 2"
    Weight 2.64 lbs
    Color Silver
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    • 1x - DAC-100
    • 1x - Power Supply
    • 1x - USB Cable (1m)
    • 1x - Owner's Manual

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