Father's Day Contest Entrants

Father's Day Winner Contest Winner's Pick: Kitchen Lighting Starter Kit

As father of 21-month-old twins, I have realized any opportunity for romance is a treasure and how easy the correct lighting is to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to romance. I would like to add the Insteon Kitchen Starter Kit to my home to create opportunities for romance or at least dim the lights so we don't see the mess Ian and EmmaLyn created while practicing eating and pitching at the same time.

Rob - Kansas City

Airpura R600 All Purpose Air Purifier Because we have 2 kids that are very allergenic and need to do something to help relieve their allergies. This would be the perfect gift for me on Father's day as I can't afford one of these on my own. It would be the greatest thing in the world to see these kids not suffer in their own home.

Robert - Titusville, FL

8-Source 8-Zone Controller/Amplifier - Rack Mount My family LOVES MUSIC & watching movies. My daughters would get a kick out of having a theatre system in their room where they would be able to entertain themselves and or go throughout the home and still be able to dance and sing. My wife and I would also be dancing along with them.

Christopher - NY

INSTEON starter Kit I love the flexibility that INSTEON technology provides. The design of the switches are nice especially with the new etching offered. Another nice feature is having lighting kits to change the colors on the dimmers. I like the kit because I am building a dedicated home theater room

James - Highland, IL

72 Inch Avtrak/11 Shelves/350 Lb My wife has offered me the use of a coat closet next to living room to use as an A/V closet. This would be perfect to mount all of my equipment in and cable to. It would definitely clean up my living room and make her (and me) happier!

James - Raleigh, NC

ELK M1 Gold I was amazed at this product when I first starting spec'ing electronics for my new house. I never want to have an alarm and automation's system that were separate and this was just the ticket. I was never looking for much from the automation, close the garage doors, maybe turn on the outside light

Nathan - Tijeras, NM

Remote-Access Security Kit It is a great, easy way to protect yourself, your family and your home on a Smarthome do-it yourselfer's budget.

Mike - Spokane, WA

12ft inflatable backyard movie screen w/ speakers We always enjoy watching movies with the kids from around the block. It would be cool to use a projector and watch them outside at night and make the event even more special. An awesome product!

Jeff - Milwaukee, WI

Cortexa 7202 Home Controller and My Home Software I am about to begin construction on our new home. We have been living with my wife's grandmother since Hurricane Dennis in 1995. It has been such a sacrifice for my wife living in a 800 sqare feet house with 2 small kids and her grandmother. I want to make our new home the best it can be

Gerald - Pensacola, FL

MX-900 IR/RF Remote & MRF-300 RF Base First remote that I've seen to really replace a wall mount control system. The range is great, and let's face it... it looks bad ass. Not to mention I can turn off my neighbor's loud stereo with this.

Raymond - Orlando, FL

Elk M1 Gold INSTEON-Enabled M1 Gold System w/Flush-Mount Keypad This is the incredible Elk M1 Gold security system enhanced with the best home automation communications system to this time, INSTEON. With this setup in my home, not only would I receive fantastic security service with extremely reliable equipment, but I'd also have a strong infrastructure in home

William - Seattle, WA

Digital Camera Plane Love R/C Planes, the idea of a digital camera on it is really exciting.

Steve - Richardson, TX

Xantech IR Link With my home theater rack in the back of the room, it was a real challenge to control it. I added the Xantech IR Link with the sensor mounted in front of the easy chair - problem solved!

Scott - Richmond, VA

Pro-100 Home Automation Controller Because I can freak out my wife by turning on and off lights when she's home and I'm not by accessing my Insteon switches via the Internet

Raymond - North Haven, CT

INSTEON KeypadLinc Custom Etched Butttons

Robert - Seattle, WA

X10 Home lighting It allows us to control our lighting from any room. And gives my wife all lights on control

Grover - Simi Valley, CA

Cortexa 7202 Controller W/Serial Expansion Love the flexibility of it and total control of your home.

Javan - Kelowna, BC

Solar Powered Pool Purifier It seems like that would be an ideal product to have in my garden pond - maybe for algae control - and no electricity needed

Alan - Kalispell, MT

Houselinc Desktop It makes linking INSTEON switches really easy!!

Alejandro - Guadalajara, Jalsico

Wireless Reporter Quality product

Normand - Canada

Honeywell Professional Weather Station I've always wanted to have a weather station. I really love the Honeywell system because it uses wireless sensors to cut down on the installation time.

Marc - Pittsburgh, PA

Powermid Transmitter (RF Transmitter - IR Receiver) Allows us to hide our home theater equipment in a control room and still operate it from the theater seats.

Rudolph - Marblehead, OH

5.8GHz Wireless A/V Sender With I/R Ext I have an old home, and I am not as flexible as I once was running wires!

Patrick - Bedford, NH

Lorex 4 Color Camera IP Surveillance System We have 3 small children who love to roam all around our house. It's hard to keep up with them and ensure their safety. This system would allow us to monitor their actions without trying to be in 4 places at once. Thank you for your consideration of my Father's Day wish.

Mike - Owensville, IN

2 output telephone controller When used with my Hot Water Heating Systems Thermostat it allows me to turn my heat up at our cottage before our arrival on a wintery weekend. The cottage is usually very toasty upon our arrival. Makes a great start to our weekend away!

Wes - Northville, MI

Sonos ZonePlayer Controller Lets my wife and kids that are upstairs in the kitchen access music stored on my computer hard drive without entering my office!

Jordan - Portland, OR

Large Pet Autofeeder & Watering Kit I have two dogs. I'm away from home on weekends; this would be great for my dogs

Jerry - KY

Cortexa 7202 Controller I had a brand new home built and would love for it to be the latest in automation.

Gary - Laramie, WY

KeypadLinc Great uses possible, centralizes home control in a convenient location!

Alejandro - Guadalajara, Jalsico

INSTEON Powerlinc USB With Mcontrol Home Lets me be the ultimate couch potato.

Bernard - Las Vegas, NV

EV804 DVR 8 Camera Pro Package Monitors everything I need, to keep everything safe and sound around my house.

Ken - Bloomington, IL

Smarthome Remote-Access Security Kit Need a good source of security that will give me piece of mind.

Josh - Orlando, FL

ELK M1 Gold Most complete security and home automation system.

Hans - Depoe Bay, OR

ActiveHome Control It turns on and off numerous lights, fountains and radio in my house while diming some of these indoor and outdoor lights to create a beautiful atmosphere throughout the evening.

Mitch - GA

Wireless Camera Would love to have this for extra protection.

Joyce - Grass Lake, MI

Complete Surveillance Kit This is a feature rich system with impressive video quality.

Lou - Cold Spring, KY

Omni Touch Screen with Video Really wanted this product, but haven't been able to justify adding it to my OmniPro II. Have a doorbell phone with built in camera and replacing the current key pad with a video console would mean being able to see who was at the door... Anyway it would be great and I think my wife would love it

Brent - Fort Worth, TX

Kill a Watt I would like to find out which items run my bill up.

George - El Paso, TX

Surface Mount Mirror TV 20 x 30 We live in a small home in Alaska, and this addition to our living room would give us more floor space, and it's cool - I would love to be able to give something like this to my husband & best father in the world

Susan - Wasilla, AK

X10 10-Button Credit Card Remote We live on a dead-end street out of town, and we live all the way at the end of the street. There is no lighting out here so this works great when we come home after dark, with the flip of a button we instantly have lights on when we get out of the car. Thanks a bunch.

Robert - Hitchcock, TX

INSTEON KeypadLinc V2 Dimmer Because Insteon will eventually, once I can afford to replace my x10, allow me to have reliable control.

Tom - Brookfield, WI

M1 Gold Kit w/ flush mount Looks like a great beginning for a security system for my home. We used to have an ADT system and when we had a fire a couple of years ago the ADT system was so old they couldn't find parts for it any more. So now we have nothing.

William - Rockville, MD

Wireless Extender Home/Office Unit Should be able to use the cell phones inside the house instead of having to go outside on the East side of the house to use them.

Charlot - Seattle, WA

Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Finally...a remote that handles all of my stuff. No more searching for the remote to operate the DVR, VCR, cable box, TV and lights. About the only way to make it any better would be to make it voice activated.

Tony - Surprise, AZ

Cat Genie Self-Cleaning Litter Box I hate cleaning out the cat litter boxes and it happens to be one of my chores.


DVR 8 Camera Pro Package Keep my family protected from home invasion

Nester - NYC, NY

Solar Products I love the solar equipment and supplies. I am an EE and master electrician. I believe in saving usage cost; moreover, thinking green! Thank you

JW - Detroit, MI

Magnetic Card Reader I have always wanted one, and it is one of the best products on your site.

Nathan - Collierville, TN

EV804 DVR 8 Camera Pro Package I have heard great things about your products and am looking forward to this high tech surveillance system that comes highly recommended. Thank you.

Shahzad - Cary, NC

Residential Receiver Just what I need for a comfortable home.

Henry - Sun City Center, FL

INSTEON Remote lighting

Jorge - Seattle, WA

receiver Great coverage for a small price.

Eric - Tampa, FL

garage door opener truly need 1 for my home

Michael - Syracuse, NY

Grand Concerto 6-Source 8-Zone System Able to listen to my favorite tunes anywhere in the house.

Robert - Allentown, PA

dimmer lighting gets things in the mood

LaRue - Austin, TX

X10 It has made lighting up my deck as simple as pushing a button. Now if I can add to that, day and night security cameras - that would be cool for Father's Day... Smarthome for Father's Day - that is the best way.

Paco - Staten Island, NY

Bose speakers great sound

Joyce - Grass Lake, MI

freedom 64 code-less security system looks like it works for alot less than ADT

Steph - Akron, OH

ELK M1 Gold This product is robust and well supported.

Michael - Miami, FL

32-Bit RF Receiver High X10 RF Range

Sylvie - Canada

Five Bose Speakers   Acoustimass just looks like something dad would love!

Steph - Akron, OH

INSTEON Bulding a new home with complete INSTEON control

Bob - NJ

Automation Saves time and energy.

Kevin - Davis, CA

INSTEON It works

Philip - Orlando, FL

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