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My name is Ron Fritz and I am the new Affiliate Marketing Manager at Smarthome.

     Welcome to our first Smarthome Linkshare Affiliate Newsletter. We plan to send out at least one newsletter per month, letting you know new things happening at Smarthome, new promotions, and other news. We want your experience as a Smarthome Affiliate to be positve and profitable.

     We share a common goal .... to create more sales. We want to help educate you on proven methods to sell Smarthome products, and we want you to educate us on what works well for "your" customers on your websites. We are very optimistic at Smarthome about sales over the upcoming months and want all of our Affilates to be profitable partners.

     I believe the Smarthome Affilate Program can be profitable for you and Smarthome. I will double the affiliate commissions from now until Christmas to put more money in your pockets for Christmas. To make this program work, I need you all to help me double sales. We're going to be trying many new things ... if you have ideas ... please email and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

 Program News

     Double commissions from now until Christmas. Double your current commissions on all sales until December 24th. Our commssions are normally 8%-10%, but until Christmas we are paying you 16%-20% (rate is based upon sales volume). We want to promote a Smarthome Christmas and we would like your help. We want to thank you for all your of your support by hopefully putting a little more money in your pocket for Christmas this year.

     Even better, we're lowering the Payment Threshold to $25. Starting in January our payment threshold will be lowered to $25 from the current level of $50. This means that all Affiliates with commissions due that exceed $25 will be getting a check each month. We want to make Smarthome your favorite affiliate company to work with.

 Marketing Tips

     Who is a Smarthome Customer? One of the best ways to sell a product is to know your customers. Smarthome is the world's largest distributor of Home Automation Products. What does this mean? It means we're the gadget company. One of our favorite phrases is "Toys for Big Boys". Our company motto is "Making Life More Convenient, Safe, and Fun". Our products make everyday things you do more convenient. We have many safety products to make your life more secure. Our products are all about Fun. So the answer to "Who is a Smarthome Customer" is ... Everyone.

     How you market Smarthome products should depend largely upon who your customers are. We have found that the most effective sales of Smarthome products come from showcasing a single product or page of products. You might want to highlight our security products, wireless cameras, etc. if your customers are interested in security. You might want to direct your users to our Pet products if your websites attracts a more generic crowd. If you appeal to Techie's ... send them to our new products page to findthe latest gadgets.

     If you are set up as a shopping mall, list us in different categories. We find many Affiliates only list Smarthome products in the Electronics area of their mall. Try using these additional categories to highlight your Smarthome Affiliate Products: Security, Home, Home Improvement, Infant Care, Pet Care, Automotive, Landscaping, Kitchen, Bath, Stereo, Audio/Visual, and Games.

 Recommended Links

     The Holidays are upon us. Try these new banner links to help remind your customers that they can do their Christmas Shopping with you.

Or .... Try these proven to be effective text links.

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Shop Smartly this Christmas at Smarthome

Gifts for the Gadget Lover in your Life

Give the Gift of Security this Holiday Season

Looking for a gift for the Guy who has everything? You'll find it at Smarthome

Gadgets, Gizmo's and Whatchamacallits - At Smarthome

Thank you Sincerely for all your help this year!
We look forward to a great and prosperous new year!
Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or problems!

Ron Fritz
Affiliate Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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