Niles Audio SI-1260 12 Channel, Fully Configurable Power Amplifier

Niles Audio SI-1260 12 Channel, Fully Configurable Power Amplifier

Power your Whole-Home Audio System by delivering up to 60 Watts of Power to Each of 12 Speakers
  • Microprocessor Controlled Protection Circuitry
  • 12 Channels X 60 Watts RMS/Channel Into 8 Ohms
  • 12 Channels X 80 Watts RMS/Channel Into 4 Ohms
  • Gold-Plated RCA Jacks
  • Dual Input Busmatrix Selector
  • Independent Installer-Adjustable Level Controls
  • Three Turn-On Modes Provide Both Reliability And Flexibility
  • Removable Two-Wire IEC Line Cord
  • 12V DC Control Output



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  • Designed for use in high-end/high-powered distributed audio systems, the SI-1260 Systems Integration Amplifier provides a level of performance, flexibility, and ease of installation previously unavailable to custom installers. The SI-1260's unique design enables each of its channels to be independently configured to reproduce stereo or mono in any combination, as well as to compensate for differing volume levels in rooms of different sizes. Additionally, the amplifier's Dual Bus Matrix® feature and multiple inputs enable it to be used in several different applications simultaneously if desired (i.e. mono background music in some rooms and stereo in others).

    The Niles Audio SI-1260 Systems Integration Amplifier is one of the most versatile and powerful multi-channel amplifiers ever offered. Like all Niles products, the SI-1260 is built to the highest standards of quality and reliability. With proper installation and operation, you'll enjoy years of trouble-free use.

    Microcontroller Based Real World Power
    The SI-1260 12 channel amplifier incorporates microcontroller technology which maximizes the amplifier's operational efficiency and enables it to deliver a solid 60 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz, 0.04% THD. Its power increases to 80 watts per channel into 4 ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz, at 0.06% THD. The massive Multi-Tap Toroid power transformer features 6 independent secondary windings, one for each of the six amplifier modules. This extraordinary power supply design provides the power necessary to deliver solid, deep, controlled bass response to a house full of speakers.

    Transparent Sound
    The audio circuitry of the SI-1260 is constructed with the finest parts available including the latest in discrete output transistor design, featuring 1% metal film resistors, high quality capacitors and oversized heat sinks. All this attention to technical detail results in a sound that is clear and uncolored.

    Microcontroller Based Operation and Protection Modes
    The SI-1260 utilizes advanced microcontroller based operation circuitry that monitors all facets of the amplifier's operation and protection modes: over/under line voltage, main power fuse status, channel pair on/off status, thermal protection, short circuit/low impedance protection and DC output protection. Additionally, easy to see front panel LED indicators display the operation or protection mode for each channel pair (CH1/2, CH3/4, CH5/6, CH7/8, CH9/10 and CH11/12) as well as for the amplifier's main power supply, providing fast and easy troubleshooting. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs on one channel pair, the other channels will continue to play. When conditions return to normal, regular operation will resume.

    Dual Input BusMatrix® Selector
    Nile's unique Dual Input BusMatrix® selector gives you the flexibility to individually assign each amplifier channel to a BusMatrix® input signal, either Left1, Right1, Left1+Right1, Left2, Right2, Left2+Right2, or to a dedicated signal input. With the BusMatrix®, routing surround sound to the master bedroom, stereo to the den, and mono to a bathroom is as simple as flicking a switch. The Dual Input BusMatrix® makes the SI-1260 an ideal multi-room or MultiZone amplifier, offering the professional installer exciting new features and sound system design possibilities.

    Twelve to Six Channel Configurable Power
    Each of the SI-1260's six adjacent output pairs are bridgeable. You can create up to six 120-watt channels by setting the bridging switch to the "BRIDGED" position. These switches are located at the top of the rear panel. Bridging enables you to double the power to specific speaker locations, including large rooms and outdoor applications.

    Freedom from Noise and Cross-Talk
    The unique design of the SI-1260's Dual Input BusMatrix® PC board ensures extremely high channel-to-channel isolation. Signal-to-noise ratio and cross-talk specifications are comparable to those of mixing consoles used in professional recording studios. With the SI-1260, the music playing in the living room will not interfere with the music playing in the den.

    Independent Level Controls
    Each channel has its own independent volume level control, enabling you to individually adjust the setting for up to twelve different speaker locations for optimum audio performance, providing uniform sound in every room.

    Turn-On Modes
    The SI-1260 features three selectable turn-on modes: (1) manual turn-on via the front panel switch, (2) microcontroller enhanced audio sensing which activates only the appropriate amplifier channels while leaving unused channel pairs off to eliminate cross talk and (3) a 3-30 volt AC/DC voltage trigger input which enables voltage activation. Audio Sense and External Voltage trigger modes enable you to configure the SI-1260 to turn on automatically in any kind of system configuration.

    DB25 Audio and Voltage Trigger inputs
    The SI-1260 incorporates a DB25 input connector to reduce wiring and installation time when using Niles Systems Integration Electronics. Niles MultiZone preamplifiers are equipped with a mating DB25 output connector. This output connector provides 6 zones of line-level audio signal output and a 12V Trigger Voltage for reliable amplifier activation.

    Designed in the USA
    The Niles SI-1260 was designed in the USA by Niles engineers and includes a Manufacturer's two year parts and labor warranty.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer: Niles Audio
    Manufacturer Product No.: SI-1260, FG00815
    Approvals: CSA Listed And Tested Under UL6500 Standards
    Rated Current Draw: 13 Amps
    Overall Dimensions: 17" W X 7.375" H X 18.5" D (43.2 X 18.7 X 47cm)
    Bridged Channel Power Output: Rated At 120 Watts RMS/Channel Into 8 Ohms
    Manufacturer Warranty: Two Year Limited Warranty
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