Niles Audio NCB7C Installation Bracket for Niles 7-Inch DS Series Speakers (Each)

Use this Speaker Bracket for a Professional Looking In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speaker Installation
  • Works with Niles Audio 7-inch DS Series speakers
  • Provides a mounting point for your in-ceiling/in-wall speakers
  • Ideal for use in new construction



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  • The Niles Audio NCB7C Installation Bracket is the perfect compliment to a Niles Audio 7-inch DS Series in-ceiling/in-wall loudspeaker. This bracket is designed to be used during the new-construction (or pre-construction) phase of a build to rough-in the location of your speakers. There are several features that make this ideal for your in-wall or in-ceiling speaker project. The arms (or wings) are translucent and have center markings which allow you to make visual adjustments to the stud, up to 90° . The bracket can either be screwed or stapled into place, and for easy reference, the bracket is color coded.

    The hole saving bracket enables a faster and cleaner final installation of the loudspeaker. It forces the drywall installer to cut out the loudspeaker hole for you and provides wire ties for the loudspeaker wire, reducing the risks of accidental loss or movement of the wire. In addition, it enables you to align your loudspeakers with other ceiling fixtures with great accuracy since you can really see exactly where the loudspeaker will be. To install the bracket, first pivot the long wing out until it stops, which will be in straight line with the short wing. The wings and brackets have centering lines to simplify placement of the loudspeakers. Screw one side of the assembled bracket with wings to the joist using one of the supplied screws. Level the bracket. Screw the other side of the bracket/wing assembly to the joist. Two screws on each side make for a very secure installation. Secure the wire to the bracket using bracket's wire tie tab. The drywall installers will cut the drywall to the exact size of the bracket. Attach the loudspeaker wire in a loop between the ceiling joists and carefully mark the exact location of the wire on a set of plans. Ask the general contractor to inform the drywall installers that the loudspeaker wire loops are concealed for future installations.

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    Manufacturer Niles Audio
    Manufacturer Product No. NCB7C, FG01647
    UPC 760514016477

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    Review of 67591 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 67591

    They did the job. Not as neet as the original metal containers but lower cost and more flexible I suppose.

    Posted on 10/3/2012

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