Niles Audio HDFX High Definition Side / Rear Channel In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

Niles Audio HDFX High Definition Side / Rear Channel In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speaker (Pair)

Get the Most out of your Surround Sound Stereo with these Premium Side / Rear Channel Speakers
  • 5-1/4-inch woofer, dual 2-1/4-inch full range drivers, and 1-inch dome tweeter
  • Each speaker handles up to 150 Watts
  • Bass/Treble controls, Dipole/Bipole switch, and Effects Cut switch allow for sound adjustments after installation
  • Hassle free new construction or retrofit installation



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  • Niles Audio HDFX High Definition Side / Rear Channel In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speaker are designed as high definition, side/rear channels in multi-channel music or 5.1 / 7.1 channel home theater systems. They employ several unique components that have been specifically engineered to deliver the most subtle sounds in music or the booming action sound in a movie. With Niles high definition voice matching, these speakers sill be perfectly compatible with other Niles Audio HD in-wall, on-wall, and ceiling-mount models. The ideal setup would include the Niles Audio HDLCR speakers, which are used as the front left, center and right channel speakers. They are the best choice for any home theater where the quality of sound is the most important consideration as they exceed specifications set forth by Dolby Laboratories for the accurate reproduction of Dolby Digital-Encoded Sources.

    About the Woofer
    The Niles Audio HD speakers have a woofer that features an injection-molded TCC (Talc, Carbon, and Ceramic-filled) polypropylene cone that is extremely stiff and lightweight, which helps reduce breakup and lowers distortion while delivering an accurate, dynamic response. A butyl rubber cone surround dampens midrange resonance and provides exceptional durability. A vented pole piece adds powerful bass response. A bumpback woofer magnet allows a high level of bass performance to be achieved.

    About the Drivers
    Dual 2-1/4-inch injection-molded TCC polypropylene full range drivers are aimed in opposite directions and emit sound to both sides of the listening area, which provides a uniform sound experience that is ideal for special effects.

    About the Tweeter
    The Niles Audio HD speakers have a Teteron tweeter with a a tri-laminate design that eliminates unwanted resonances and prevents breakup modes, leaving an ultra-clear, sweet, natural sound which still maintains ultra-wide dispersion for clear and detailed high-frequencies. The tweeter is features precision adjustment control which moves in 1mm increments, then pivots for precise aiming of high frequencies. This can be done post-installation so you can direct sound in the ideal listening area.

    Additional Features
    There are three baffle-mounted controls that help fine tune your listening experience. 1) a Dipole/Bipole switch adjusts surround effects for either side or rear placement, 2) an Effects Cut switch adjusts the direct/diffuse sound field balance to provide realistic effects regardless of room size, and 3) Bass and Treble controls enable precise tone matching in any room.

    Please Note: High Definition (HD) Series speakers from Niles Audio are designed for an in-wall (wall mount) installation as their primary application, but can be used for an in-ceiling (ceiling mount) application as well.

    Installation options include the following corresponding products:

    For additional information regarding installation considerations and speaker placement, please refer to the owner's manual. It describes in detail the following topics:
    • Recommended amplifier power
    • Speaker wire
    • Insulating the wall cavity
    • Placement for critical listening
    • The boundary effect
    • Placement for varying listening positions
    • Placement for home theater rear applications
    • Running speaker wire in new construction
    • Concealing speaker wire in existing walls
    • Installation of brackets, frame and grilles in new construction and existing walls
    • Installation of the speaker, sensor and grille in new construction or existing walls

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Niles Audio
    Manufacturer Product No. HDFX, FG01155
    UPC 760514008878
    Construction 5-1/4" injection-molded TCC (talc, carbon, and ceramic-filled) polypropylene woofer, dual 2-1/4" injection-molded TCC polypropylene full-range drivers, 1" fluid-cooled Teteron dome tweeter
    Recommended Amplifier Power 10W To 150W per Channel
    Nominal Impedance 8Ohms
    Frequency Response 65Hz - 21kHz +/-3dB
    Sensitivity 88dB for 2.83 volts of Pink Noise, measured at 1 meter on axis
    Overall Exterior Frame Dimensions 8-1/4" X 14-1/2"
    Depth Behind Wall 3-1/2" (assumes 1/2" Drywall)
    Wall Cut-Out Dimensions 7-1/8" X 13-1/4"
    Wiring Requirements We recommend 16 to 18 gauge stranded wire for up to 80 feet, 14 gauge stranded wire for up to two hundred feet. Connectors accommodate 12 to 18 gauge stranded wire
    Warranty Manufacturer Lifetime Limited

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    • 2x - Niles Audio HD speakers
    • 2x - Grilles
    • 2x - Frames
    • 2x - Cutout Templates
    • 1x - Owner's manual

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